We just had an interesting chat with one of our favorite hijab fashion bloggers, Farah Emara! And to start off our conversation, we had to ask her to tell us a little about herself, and she said "I’m a 20 year old aspiring graphic designer. I love most things around me, especially color. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I know I want to create something beautiful. I work as a fashion blogger on the side, to prove to people that veiled girls can do whatever they want and that nothing defines them."

Describe your personal style in three words.

Cheerful,comfortable, and unconventional (sometimes!)

What’s your ultimate trick when you have don’t have a matching veil with a new outfit that you really want to wear?

I wear it anyways. Who cares? Most of the time my veil doesn't really match my outfit.

Do you section your headscarves along with your winter and summer wardrobes?

No, most of my headscarves can be worn anytime. I don't complicate things; I'll wear it when I want to wear it.

Do you have tons of headscarves to match every single outfit or do you to stick to few ones that match most of your looks?

I have many headscarves, but every now and then I stick to a couple and forget all the rest; like we all do with our wardrobes. Mostly, when I'm going out somewhere nice I take from my mom, she has a better taste than I do.

Like many girls, you like to work out, but we know how hard it is for veiled girls to exercise outdoors especially in the summer. Do you have any lifesaving tips for us to work out with headscarf?

I suffer in the summer, it’s the worst. But you don’t really feel the workout if you’re not drenched in sweat, do you? Mostly, I just wear a light t-shirt and a jacket on top. Cotton-Lycra scarves are my saviors. 

Is there any type of clothes that you avoid wearing, and why?

Not really, I haven't thought about it, but I always try to wear something comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you are.

Skirts and dresses are a little bit tricky for girls who wear the hijab, but how do you manage to make them look young and playful?

Sometimes they're hits and other times they're misses. I like to drift apart from the old “hijabi” look, and be a little bit unconventional. However, it all depends on your taste.

What are the trends you’re looking forward try for Fall 2016?

Sheer dresses or tops with pop art stitched to them, if that makes sense, I don't know how to describe it. VELVET VELVET VELVET. Over-sized everything!