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| by Jasmine Kamal

For Teens: Changes to Your Vagina During Puberty, What You Need to Know

Today we decided to talk about something most woman should know, but usually doesn't. Which is every thing you need to know about your vagina in different ages. Many women don't know that a lot of changes happens to their vagina as they age and some don't really have much information about this important body part. That's why we decided to focus our Age Series Articles (every Tuesday) for August on things you need to know about the vagina starting with teenagers. So, if you are from the age of 15 to 19 make sure to read through this article or send it to those you know in this age range.

For Teens: Changes to Your Vagina During Puberty, What You Need to Know

You don't really find information about what physical changes happen to females during puberty and specifically what happens to the vagina. Which leaves girls in their teenage years confused even though many radical changes happen during puberty as you see below...

1. The vagina matures during puberty

Yes, until the age of 16 the vagina and vulva keeps growing due to the increase in estrogen. You might notice the changes in size or shape of your genitals during your teen years, because of course it won't look the same as it was in your childhood.

Notice that the fully matured vagina length is between 3-5 inches and it is connected to the cervix.

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2. Physical changes of the vulva

The vulva is the outside part of the female genitalia, and you need to know that it looks different from one person to another. It even looks different over the years as it changes is size, color and shape. So you do not need to worry or be stressed or shy about these changes as they are completely normal. But if there is something worrying you, you should talk about it to your mother or older sister if possible, it will help you a lot.

3. Pubic hair starts to grow

During puberty, pubic hair starts to grow around the age of 15 or even earlier, and it covers the labia fully. What you need to know is that pubic hair does not grow as fast as head hair, but much slower.

4. Healthy vaginal discharge during puberty

In your childhood years you are not used to seeing vaginal discharge, or at least not this clearly, but that changes during puberty. The purpose of vaginal discharge is to clean the vagina and keep it moist, it also helps prevent infections. That means, it is meant to be there and is nothing to be worried about. In your teens, you'll be able to see it in your underwear as a thick, gooey texture.

It's important to note that the amount of discharge varies from one person to another, so do not compare yourself to anyone else.

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5. Unhealthy vaginal discharge

Your body is now maturing and with it you are more prone to infections which affect the vaginal discharge as it tries to fight it. How would you know the difference between normal and abnormal discharge? If it has an unpleasant odor, change in color (normal discharge is colorless or white) or feels itchy. If you notice any of these it is a sign of an STD or infection, so you need to discuss it with your mom and visit your doctor.

6. Bacterial infections are common for teenagers

With puberty and starting to get your periods, there is a lot of things you are curious about and want to understand your own body. However, you also lack some experience or knowledge on how to clean your vagina after periods. This is why it's very common to get bacterial infections during puberty. It usually causes redness and will feel itchy and can be easily treated if you visit the doctor right away.

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7. Food affects how your vagina smells

You might have never noticed any distinct smell for your vagina before, but after puberty it would develop a unique odor. That odor is directly affected by your diet and the types of food you eat. Strong smelling food such as spices, garlic and coffee can change the smell of your vagina. So, no need to panic if you noticed a change, just try to remember what you ate in the previous few hours. However, you should worry and see a doctor if the change in smell is accompanied by itchiness.

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8. Your vagina cleans itself

It's important to know that the vagina is a self cleaning organ, you only need to clean it by washing the outside parts with warm water and drying it after. You do not need to use any vaginal soaps or cleansing products because most of them mess with the natural pH balance which would only harm your vagina.

9. Changes in the color of your bikini area

We mentioned that the pubic hair starts growing in your teenage years, and during that time, your bikini area changes color as well. It usually becomes darker than it was before puberty and this is completely natural. The only thing you need to do, is make sure is to keep your bikini area dry, and if you want, use a natural bikini scrub every once in a while.

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