My journey to finding the perfect basic cotton t-shirt that would be worn as a staple during anytime of the day or year was very difficult. It might seem simple, because it's a simple clothing item, however, quality and fit play a very important role when it comes to finding your perfect basic t-shirt. Especially for a curvy girl like me, we like to make sure we find a t-shirt that flatters and accentuates our body. This is hard to find and requires the ideal stitching and material. 

Most of the white t-shirts I've bought before don't last through 2 or 3 washes. After I wash them, they become worn out and start getting damaged easily. Even when I wore them, I instantly feel like something's wrong with my outfit. It's really disappointing because I'm a lover of the casual look and t-shirts with all their colors are a main part of my closet. 


Slub Jersey T-shirt

My struggle came to an end when I finally bought H&M's basic cotton t-shirt in white and black. When I tried them on in the changing room, I thought I would wear them only for a couple of weeks before they start to loose their shape and texture like all the previous ones. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cotton was not affected after I washed them. Even the t-shirt's fit and cut is amazing on my body.


V-neck T-shirts

H&M also have these t-shirts in a lot of colors, but I cannot go without my white and black t-shirts. They also have a lot of different shapes and cuts of t-shirts. So, you can go for a V neck, a high neck or a crew neck. 

Whenever I'm in a hurry and looking to get out the door as quick as I can, this is what I go to. It is so easy to style because even though it's really simple, adding accessories, a denim jacket and high waisted jeans looks amazing.