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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Friday Fashion Fits: How to Wear a Trench Coat for Any Occasion

We recently showed you all the coat trends for 2019/2020. Now it's time to kick off our new Friday Fashion Fits Series, where we'll be showing you every week how to style a different clothing item, with a classic...the trench coat.

So here's how to wear a trench coat for any occasion:

Casual/morning errands look


One of the best things about owning a trench coat is keeping it by your front door, so you can throw it on anything as you run out the door. It goes with most casual looks and sometimes even makes them look more sophisticated.

Morning look/brunch outfit


I don't know why when I think of brunch, I think of yellow, skirts and sunglasses. So this look was basically perfect. Trench coats look great with skirts, very chic, comfortable and a good transition from day to night. It looks very chic if your trench coat and skirt are the same length, as well. 

Office or formal outfit


I love this monochrome Meghan Markle outfit. It is the perfect look for an office meeting or a formal outfit. If you don't like wearing dresses you can opt for a skirt or formal pants. Trench coats are great for formal looks because even though they're elegant and sophisticated, they're very comfortable and effortless. 

Date night


I love a stiletto heel for date night and this one is perfect for this trench coat dress look. Wearing your trench coat tied at the waist is really chic for a dressy night look. Especially if you pair it with the right jewelry and bag. 

Trench coat with evening dresses


The ultimate struggle for so many women, is what to wear with an evening dress when it's cold. We talked before about coat to wear to a winter wedding, you can read that here. But, for now let's talk about this trench coat. Of course, if you find a special one like this, it will completely elevate the outfit and the trench coat will be a main statement in your look. 

However, basic black or beige trench coats look really elegant over gowns as well. It's just about finding one that's the right fit and length with the dress. If your dress is short, it's not a problem, any trench will do. If it's long and you don't want your gown to peep from underneath, go for a floor length trench. Although, having the tulle from your gown show underneath the trench coat is a really gorgeous look as well. 

How to wear a trench coat in summer


I found that a lot of people were looking for ways to wear trench coats in the summer. When I saw this outfit, I knew I wouldn't find anything more perfect for that. This is a great look for warmer months where you still want the sophistication, chicness and slight warmth of a trench. You can wear it over a white shirt and shorts or a short summer dress. You can also roll up the sleeves and tie it tightly around the waist for a more summery breezy look.

Trench coat for maternity wear


Pregnancy is all about comfort, and that's why a lot of pregnant women love wearing dresses. A trench coat is actually perfect for maternity wear, because some coats can be really heavy for pregnancy and trench coats are light, easy and you don't feel their weight. And of course they also look great with dresses. 

How to wear a trench coat if you're Petite:

For petite girls, if you don't want the oversized, baggy look, then make sure you get a trench coat that falls right below the knee. A trench coat above the knee will cut the length of your look too short and one that's really long might feel too drowning. So having one just below the knee is perfect. You can also tie it around the waist with the belt to give dimension. If you're gonna leave it open, wear more fitted clothes underneath and if you're wearing a skirt it is better if it's shorter than the trench coat.

Extra Tips:

For apple and triangle body shapes if you like curvier more defined looks, try tying your trench coat at the waist.

Main Image Credits: A Parisian in America

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