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How to Wear Cropped Tops with Hijab

Sara Khalil
6/27/17, 12:00 AM

The cropped top has been everywhere lately. As a girl wearing hijab, I used to hesitate a lot before buying any cropped top. Basically, a cropped top is a very short top, and it would be hard for a hijabi girl to style it for a conservative look. However, I'm here to break all the rules, and I'll give you great styling ideas on how to wear cropped tops with hijab.

1. Style cropped tops with long dresses.

The easiest and fastest way to wear a cropped top with hijab, is to style it with a long tube dress. You don’t have to worry if the dress is sleeveless, as the cropped top will be above it. It will look like it’s a part of the dress. And of course, try to coordinate the colors and patterns of the dress and the top.

2. Wear cropped tops with a high-waist skirt.

Ditch the high waist jeans, and wear your cropped top with hijab with a high waist skirt. You'll achieve the look you always see girls sporting. A maxi skirt will do the trick, and you can add a cardigan if you want.

3. Choose a loose cropped top.

You’ll find many cropped tops in many styles in the shops, but try to go for the loose cropped tops, as they will be easier to style with the type of dresses I mentioned above, and with the high waist skirt.  

4. Layer cropped tops with long shirts.

Another way you can wear cropped tops with hijab, is to layer your cropped top with a long shirt, and then add on your favorite pair of jeans or black pants.

5. Transform your long shirt into a cropped shirt.

If you don’t have a cropped top in your closet, it’s not a problem. Take one of your shirts, and tie the two front ends of it, and there you go, you’re now sporting a cropped shirt. You can complete the look with a high waist skirt or a dress too.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @ascia_akf


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