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| by Mimi Raad - Styling Coach

Neon à la Sauce

When you hear the word "neon" what does it make you think of? The crazy fashion of the 1980s? Neon signs? A Wham! music video? The word "neon" makes a lot of us a little nervous. The number one reason these acid tones can clash is because they are worn on someone whose skin, hair and eye color do not suit them.

Let’s try to integrate them in our wardrobe without going overboard and detach from the fear factor and have fun! Shall we? And my advice to you is to try your neon colors in front of the mirror at home (not the store’s fitting room) and trust me, you will know when something works right for you.

In order to look great, neon outfits have to be done well. The right amount of colors, the right mix and shades of hues and the quantity of accessories are key to be successful.

Go for a single solid color: Start by dressing like you would normally do and wear one piece in neon color. Once you're comfortable with the brighter shade, don't attempt to match it to other bright colors or patterns, instead combine it with neutral colors like grey, white, blue, black and white. While shopping, look for a shade that is one or two tones brighter than what you'd normally wear. It's all about making a smooth transition from one shade to the next.

Throwing on a cardigan or a jean jacket will help to tone the color down. You'll still pop. Don't worry.

These are not the '80s neons: When you hear the word "neon" you might automatically think of the 1980s and shudder at the thought of buying anything resembling that decade. The 2013 neons are different. They are grown-up, modern, soft and feminine. Don't automatically assume tacky colors. It’s the way you wear them that’ll make all the difference!

Don't forget to accessorize: One of the best ways to introduce pops of color is through bags, shoes, jewelry, and watches, to name a few. Why not throw on with everything a brightly colored scarf, or wear a pair of bright socks with boots or neon pumps and roll up your jeans to show just a bit of color.

Try a graphic pattern with hints of neon: Look for patterns that combine classic colors with pops of neon throughout. This is a sure way to incorporate the trend in your wardrobe without feeling like the spotlight is on you.

If you are bold enough and you’re combining three neon pieces, then opt for two neon colors from the same colors family and pick the third one in a different neon hue.

Confidence is key when wearing such a stand-out hue. Even if someone tries to talk you into wearing this color , don’t wear it if it doesn’t feel like you, otherwise you’ll feel self-conscious and awkward and we wouldn’t want you to be a silly fashion victim.

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