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| by The Fustany Team

Nine of the Best Dressed Arab Hijabis Share Their Tips to Layer Winter Clothes

We asked nine of the best dressed Arab hijabis, to tell us their ultimate tips to master winter layering. You'd think that layering clothes in winter might sound easy, but in fact it’s an art that you need to learn so you don’t look bulky.

We've approached hijabi fashion designers, hijab fashion influencers, and hijabi business women; each one of them gave a different answer than the other, which will leave you totally inspired.

So scroll through, to know how to expertly layer your winter clothes with tips straight from some of the most stylish hijabi Arab women.

1. Aya Barqawi

Fashion and lifestyle blogger.


My ultimate winter fashion tip would have to be about turtlenecks for Fall Winter 2016/2017. I love tucking in my hijab into chunky turtleneck sweaters or layering a light strap camisole over lighter turtleneck sweaters. I think turtlenecks are a definite winter staple this season.

2. Farah Haggag

Founder of Couvertura, an online hijabi store.


Let's enjoy our most stylish, comfy, chic, and modish hijabi fashion season. Winter is perfect for fashionable hijab outfits. And, here are some hijab fashion tips for this enjoyable season:

Plain loose tops and ponchos are simple, yet super elegant for the winter season, specially when mixed with patterned or plain scarves. Also, fur vests would perfectly go over plain high-waist skirts or dresses, creating a modest yet fashionable outfit. Long cardigans in beige or grey can be perfect for causal day and night outings, matched with plain scarves and accessories.Army green jackets over light jeans and white sneakers can perfectly fit the trendy casual hijabi ladies. A leather backpack in beige, maroon, or brown shades would be a simple piece to complete your stylish winter outfits.

3. Farah Helmy

Farah Helmy is not a fashion blogger, but her chic hijab style is a great influence to many women.

You could easily look like you are wearing too much during winter, especially with hijab. So I try to layer up warm , but thin layers instead of just bulking up.

I try to keep it simple with just one statement piece, it is the key I believe. I love to use staples for layering, like leather jackets, warm scarves, capes and textured leggings. It's always fun to play around with different lengths and fabrics, to create new looks.

4. Hadeer Eldokhmesy

Founder and designer of Kaftan, a fashion label.

Winter means over-sized everything, leather and fur! I love wearing a long top, a jacket or pullover and a huge scarf over the neck, and then I like to add leather pants and classic long riding boots. I would definitely recommend dark colors (black/olive/burgundy).

5. Mona Mansour

Founder of Your Emma, a hijab headscarves label.

Layering is a fun way to add texture and character to your outfit, and winter is the best season for hijabis to take advantage of that!

Stock up on plain long flowy blouses and tees in different materials for different looks. Cotton jersey or viscose for a casual look, satin or silk for a more formal ensemble, and even try this season’s trend - tulle - for a funky layered look! Wear them under that favorite crop t-shirt or cute knit top that’s too short to be worn over pants alone. You can even get them sleeveless to avoid that bulk when layering under a more fitted top.

Another trendy staple you should make sure you get are sleeveless long vests and dusters. Throw them on literally anything for instant coverage, and they’d make you look slimmer especially when paired with a long top and heels.

6. Sahar Foad

A fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Actually it's not one tip, but I am going to illustrate two perfect and personal favorite looks.

So the perfect winter layering look in my opinion is the super over-sized coats. A pullover over a shirt, not tucked in, to show its ends while also showing the collar and cuffs, and it would be great to use a shirt that has something creative in its cuffs like lace end (my favorites), and  an over-sized wool coat over it, with its sleeves pulled up a little to show the different colors and fabrics of the layers, and you can add an over-sized knit scarf (not wrapped) around your neck to show the collar. The coat colors I prefer this winter are baby blue or dusty rose or creme, and the pullover color can be mustard or maroon or olive green or creme as well. That's my perfect winter layering formula for feeling warm cozy and stylish.

And another look for this winter's style is velvet, if you can wear a velvet pullover or a velvet cardigan in maroon or olive green over a mustard pullover and a white shirt beneath, you will create a killer look!

7. Sara Elemary

Fashion designer and founder of Sara Elemary, a fashion label.

I was just having a conversation with one of the fashion icons in Canada, she was saying, "Fall is the best fashion season of the year, because it's the season where we wear a lot of different layers, which makes it very fashionable." 

Personally, I'm a big fan of wearing layers in different ways, especially in winter, as it is the most favorite season for most of hijabis; they can easily stay in style.

This year, I decided to present layering in a different way, I introduced harem shorts and cropped sirwals. As a hijabi, I would wear leggings under shorts, and cropped sirwals. Yes, it sounds weird, but it's very in this season. Also, don't forget to have your white t-shirt ready, so you can wear it under your denim shirt and complete your look with a down vest.

It's always nice when you throw on different layers with different lengths, and no one understands what you are wearing exactly.

8. Sara Fahmy

Sara Fahmy is co-founder of White Bliss Events.

The most wonderful time of the year is coming up! And yes, I find it easier to get dressed and to match things together.

Over-sized long jackets and coats are my favorite. Adding capes this year to your closet  will definitely look so classy too. Putting on my favorite ivory shirt and adding anything on top definitely does the trick, also throwing a scarf on a shoulder, and adding a brooch always looks so pretty.

9. Yasmine Medhat

CEO and founder of Bazarna.

Layering is my favorite part of hijab, and it's always the perfect time to play with it in winter. It's all about the texture and style that you choose. Keep it simple, and focus on loose outfits, especially the upper part of the body.

You can try wide sweater jackets, over-sized jumpers and over-sized shirts. Stay away from over-sized knitwear, they do not go well with hijab. If you're wearing a long top/blouse/shirt, style it with an over-sized sweater, and go for a straight or skinny ankle pants. If you decided to wear a shorter sweater, then go for wide trousers or boyfriend jeans to match the style, and layer with a long scarf. Also, you can try jumpsuits styled with wide long sweaters.

Backpacks are so in right now, and they are always a nice addition for layered outfits. Go for simple accessories, and choose warm and neutral colors for your outfits. Don't forget to add some vivid patchwork prints, colorful badges, floral and abstract prints. On a plain outfit, add a Knit Neck warmers or pashminas around your neck, it adds a touch of beauty while keeping you warm. They can be easily adjusted to be pulled over the hijab. Flat ankle boots and sneakers are the best to style on layered outfits.

Also, an over-sized denim shirt or jacket will match with many outfits, they're so trendy this winter.

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