If there is one thing every woman should have in her closet, it is a blazer! The thing about blazers, is that they're a timeless piece of clothing that can be worn anytime, anywhere and with any style. Blazers come in various colors, prints, and fits. You can go for over-sized or fitted, however, I prefer to go for a perfectly fitted blazer, and just play around with the rest of my outfit. Here are nine ways you can style a blazer, and they are all super chic. 

1. Dresses

Sometimes the weather is not too cold for a coat, yet also not warm enough for a wrap. This is where a blazer comes in handy, pair with a short or even long cocktail dress and head out. You'll be adding a sophisticated touch to your look. 

2. Statement T-shirt

You can dress down your blazer and pair it with a statement t-shirt and necklace, adding some cutting edge to your look.

3. Over the Shoulders

Over the shoulder look has been a major trend this year. Embrace it, by adding a blazer over your shoulder to your look and head out. 

4. Layers

What I love to do with a blazer is layer it. Go for an open denim shirt or even a vest, and add the blazer as a finishing touch to your look. 

5. Plaid Shirts

A blazer can turn casual into super chic. Pair your plaid shirt with a blazer, just be sure to accessorize correctly. I would go for a statement necklace under the collar of the shirt. 

6. Distressed Jeans

Don't think a blazer can't be dressed down to casual. Pair your blazer with a pair of distressed jeans and funky heels. 

7. Statement Pins

If you don't feel like layering, just go for a simple tank, and close your blazer. Add some statement pins to them, and you just made your very own statement top.

8. Skirts

Personally I prefer to pair my blazer with statement or pencil skirts. You can go for professional look with a pencil skirt, or add a fun touch with an embellished skirt.

9. Sneakers

Don't be afraid to ditch your heels when wearing a blazer. Go for a Converse or even some funky sneakers to dress down your blazer look.

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