Every body shape needs a certain type of clothes, to highlight the body in the best possible way. I'll be sharing with you how to dress according to your body shape, and I'm starting with the pear-shaped women. Did you know that it's the most common figure proportion for women in the Middle East?

If you have a pear body shape, and you want choose clothes to flatter your upper body, then you need to focus on the slim waist this body shape enjoys. The pear body is known for small shoulders, small waist, and wide hips. You can achieve the perfect look for the pear body shape by knowing how to choose clothes to flatter your upper body.

1. First thing you should consider is having the right type of bra to enhance the shape of your breasts.

2. Always choose fitted t-shirts and shirts. The eye is always drawn to fitted shapes, and if have a pear body shape, this style will flatter your upper body.

3. When you pick a shirt, try to choose a length that ends at your hip bones and not lower than that, like the middle of your bottom or hips.

4. For short girls with a pear body shape, wear  t-shirts with a V-neck. It gives the illusion that the length between your neck and your waist is long.

5. You can wear a short jacket that fits you well. Under the jacket, it is best to wear a fitted shirt or t-shirt.

6. Your body shape will appear balanced, if you wore several layers on the upper body part.

7. It is preferable to wear jackets that have padded shoulders. They’ll do the balance trick.

8. Prints and colorful clothes were made for you.

9. You can totally rock big collars.

10. It is preferable for a woman that has a pear body shape, to wear interesting cuts and detailed blouses.

11. When it comes to dresses, flared dresses are the best for the pear body shape. They highlight your small upper body part, and hide your lower body part by giving the illusion that you’re slimmer.