Nora Habbal is a Lebanese American shoe designer, who's known on Instagram as @NoraAytch. If you follow her, you'll know that she's a lifestyle blogger as well, who loves writing about everything from fashion to food. With an eclectic fashion sense, Nora Habbal's street style is unmissable, specially when she complements her outfits with a spectacular pair of shoes from her own designs. We had a little chat with her, and she shared with us some valued fashion and beauty tips. Click through to read along, and check out fresh outfit inspiration from Nora Habbal.

Fashion is...
A lifestyle, what you wear, where you go, what you eat, it surrounds us in every way possible.

What is your signature style, and how did you develop it?
My style is a juxtaposition of feminine and grunge, I like to combine classic styles with super edgy colors and fabrics, it's what makes my style unique and I've developed my own sense of style dating back to high school.

What does your summer shopping wish list include?
- A fringed-out bucket bag, like Saint Laurent or Chloe's styles.

- A ribbed jersey dress for casual day styling.

- Embellished, bejeweled summertime sandals.

A styling tip you live by...
Less is more, never over-dress, keep it simple and stylish.

How to take the perfect selfie?
I'll let you know once I find out! Still trying to find the best angle... (laughs)

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?
One of my favorite accounts is @NeginMirsalehi, another is @LoveTheRead. I always love the fun and flirty accounts, none that try too hard!

Name three pieces that every woman should have in her closet...
- The perfect black pumps. (preferable Nora Aytch, laughs)

- A leather jacket, distressed denim.

- Sparkly sneakers.

If you could raid anyone's closet, it would be...
Olivia Palermo !!!!

A fashion trend you would never try...
Wedge sandals. Never. Ever. They're just not my thing.

If we could peek inside your handbag, what would we find?
- Baby lips lip balm.

- My favorite french fries pen

- My iPhone charger.

How can you survive a bad hair day?
Tie it in a messy bun or messy braid, and spritz some sea salt spray on it. This always does the trick.

What are the three beauty products you can't live without?
- Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (I hate using foundation).

- Baby lips lip balm is an all-time favorite, for soft and supple lips.

- Bioderma makeup remover.

One item you should never splurge on...
Facial moisturizer; I swear by Nivea, the one in the little blue tin.

You're guilty of having too much ... in your closet.
I'm definitely guilty of having too many shoes in my closet, but...hey, I'm a shoe designer, what do you expect?

Do you have any fashion regrets?

Make a statement with your sense of fashion and never have any regrets, wear what you love, just make sure you don't look tacky! (laughs)

Photo Credits: Instagram: @Nora.Aytch