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| by Zeina Tawfik

Take Your Blazers Out of the Office, and Wear Them Like These Six Women!

Blazers are not only meant for the offices, these jackets have got a lot to offer to your wardrobe if you just give them a chance. Blazers can be a great addition to any outfit if you wear the right cut on the right type of clothes, so let's see how you can upgrade the way you wear blazers with these six styling tips. 

1. Throw a blazer over your shoulders to make any casual outfit look sophisticated!

2. Just left the beach and going for dinner? Wear a long blazer over denim shorts and sandals, and a cool summer look is guaranteed. 

3. When the weather gets a little bit chilly, but not too cold to wear several layers, button your blazer. and stand out wearing this cool but chic look.

4. Graphic shirts are fun, so throwing a blazer on them is a great mix and match between formal and casual wear.

5. Wearing pleated skirts and long blazers is such a chic twist to formal wear, so don't be afraid to try out this combination when you're getting ready for your next meeting!

6. Matching skirts and blazers is not a new outfit idea, but rather a forgotten one, but it's totally worth the comeback!

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