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Fashion Header image article main the 12 jacket styles every woman should have in her wardrobe

| by Zeina Tawfik

The 12 Jacket Styles That Are Essential in Any Woman's Wardrobe

We always tell you about the fashion items you need to have for an impeccable wardrobe; like the shoes you should own, and the jewelry pieces you must have. So, I thought of sharing with you the jacket styles that are essential in any woman's wardrobe.

Fall is here and winter is coming up; this means that jackets will be playing a big part of all your outfits and looks now. From seasonal outerwear to fashionable jackets, and much more, scroll through to know the 12 jacket styles every woman needs to have. Do you have all these essential jackets in your closet? Find out...

1. A black blazer

2. A tweed jacket

3. A denim jacket

4. A trench coat

5. A utility jacket

6. A "fake" fur coat

7. A leather jacket

8. A puffer vest

9. A cape

10. A statement jacket

11. A wool coat

12. A bomber jacket

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