You haven’t decided yet what you are going to wear for your next event? How about a peplum dress? The peplum is back in style and it is one of the very popular trends right now. The main focus of the peplum dress is on the waist, as it is slim at the top and the bottom, while over it the peplum is attached as a short skirt that comes in many designs.

If you want a feminine and soft look, then the peplum dress will definitely give you that. There are many designs to the peplum dress, it can be short, and it can be with a high-low type skirt (short at the front and long at the back.) And although the peplum dress seems only suitable for non-veiled women, we can assure you this is not true, the peplum comes in many shapes and sizes that will suit the veiled woman.

If you’re looking for a trendy and feminine look for your next evening gown, then you should scroll down and check out the images below for some inspiration.