Side stripe pants were once considered a strictly casual clothing item, but things have changed! Side stripe pants were a huge fashion trend in 2017 and since then they're sort of become a classic in a lot of people's wardrobes. And yes, you can actually dress them up. So here are some tips on how to wear side stripe pants and the different ways you can style them. 

Seven Styling Tips to Wear Your Striped Pants Differently Every Time!

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Wearing side stripe pants with a sporty look


Going sporty and casual with them doesn't mean you have to compromise style. Sporty outfits can still look super chic and cool if you style them correctly. Put on the perfect sneakers and even a cute bomber jacket on a windy day. 

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How to dress-up side stripe pants


The first thing you can do here is actually getting a pair that's more formal and in a nice fit so they do half the job for you. If not, you can still find ways to dress them up with accessories, heels and nice tops, the key is to find a balance. 

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Unique side stripe pants


Another way you can wear side stripe pants is to go for totally unconventional and unique ones. Ditch the black and navy and go a patterned one like a camo print or plaid. 

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