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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

This Woman Started a Fashion Career at the Age of 64, and She Rocks!

Lyn Slater started a fashion career at the age of 64, yes she did, and she's on top of her game. Lyn Slater, or as she calls herself on her Instagram and blog "Accidental Icon" is a living proof that age is just a number, and that fashion, and style, is for everyone. 

This woman -who is by the way a professor at Fordham University, a writer, a model, a content creator, and a grandmother- has an ageless style, so, it's not really about fashion, as much as it's about style. Because when you'll scroll down, you'll see that Lyn is very fashion forward, she has her very own style, and she knows how to rock it. Do I need to mention her professional posing skills too?

Show this to your mother, aunt and grandmother, and start planning for a very fun ride with style and fashion when you reach this age!

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