Figuring out how to wear a cardigan in a new way can be a bit challenging. If you take a look at your closet, you will probably find one or two cardigan hanging in there, and you always wear them the same way. Forget about the traditional ways, because I'll show you three stylish ways to wear your cardigan.

A stylish cardigan can add lots of chicness, edginess and sometimes warmth to you look, so here are the three stylish ways to wear your cardigan every day.

1. Wear a cardigan with over-sized shirt dresses, in order to create a laid back and relaxed look.

2. Wear a cardigan with your printed pants and a simple top. A long and flowy cardigan will be perfect for this look, because it will add lots of richness to your layered look.

3. Wear a cardigan with a simple tank top and cinch it with a nice belt to give your figure more definition. This works perfectly with chunky knits.