Fact: Every woman's wardrobe includes (at least!) one button-down shirt. If you need to refresh the way you wear your favorite button-down shirt, then rejoice, as you're in the right place. I'll show you three totally unexpected ways to wear your shirts. And who doesn't like some wardrobe refreshment?! 

White, striped or even printed, your favorite button-down shirts are about to get upgraded with some easy styling tips and tricks, for a guaranteed fashionable look. Just scroll down and see how you can wear your shirts in a new way.

1. Wear your shirt backwards.

Yes, wearing your shirt backwards is now a thing! Street style stars have been wearing back-to-front shirts for a while, and it seems like the trend is spreading out. Just wear your shirt backwards, and leave the top unbuttoned for just a little skin to show.

2. Transform your shirt into a skirt.

Turning your shirt into a skirt might seem a bit complicated, but it's not at all! You'll need to work with a slightly over-sized shirt, so a men's shirt would be a brilliant idea here. Steps? Place the collar of the shirt around your waist, and button-down when the two sides meet. Tie the sleeves together to create a knot, and then create a bow. Done! Tip: You might need to wear a tube skirt beneath the shirt, to make sure it's not see-through.

3. Wear your shirt as an off-the shoulder top.

Off-the-shoulder tops are trending like crazy, so why not turn your button-down shirt into one? Wear your shirt as usual, but you'll need to unbutton the top part, and then slide the collar off your shoulders. You can also bare your shoulders by turning the shirt into a bustier!