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| by Nancy Hennes

Fustany Wore It: Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Strapless Bra

Every woman needs to have a strapless bra in her closet, but for the busty ladies who wear a size bigger than a B or C cup, such as myself, the struggle to find the perfect bra is real! Believe me when I say I've tried so many strapless bras and never found 'The One'. Not one of all the bras I tried managed to keep my boobs securely in place, where I can move around freely without worries. That is until I tried Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Strapless Bra.


The first thing I noticed as soon as I saw the notorious bra, was how soft the fabric is compared to the hardness of the double elastic band. I tried it on and immediately felt the difference, but I was still skeptical. Will I be able to move around as much as I wanted without worrying about anything?  So, I started jumping up and down in the fitting room just to make sure that it really does stay in place without falling down and that it keeps my breasts where they should be.


Now, 6 years later, and I still use my trusty Body by Victoria Strapless Bra that never failed me! The only down side is that it only comes in a few colors, especially if you're looking for the smooth, no lace, design.


Let me know if you found your favorite strapless bra that works for busty ladies too... I need some diversity in my closet.

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