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Your Guide to Pick the Best Headscarf for Your Hijab Outfit

Heba Abohemed
6/4/20, 12:00 AM

It has always been a struggle choosing the right headscarf for my hijab outfit, that’s because I love to wear very colorful outfits, and I’ve never been into traditional hijab outfits that depend on dark colors. As I was talking to my friend the other day, she told me she has the same problem with her headscarves and hijab outfits. So I decided to break down the problem and solve it...

So here are best tips and tricks to learn how to match your hijab with your outfit:

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1. Neutral colored hijab headscarves

White, black and beige hijab scarfs go with endless outfit ideas in your wardrobe, whether your outfit is colorful, has stripes or all about color blocking, those three colors can never go wrong!


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Image Credits: Instagram @leenaalghouti

2. Pick a lighter shade of your hijab outfit colors

If you don’t like matching several colors together, you can always pick a lighter or darker shade headscarf of your hijab outfit colors. You can also choose to wear a hijab color that's the same as your skirt or pants. For example, if you’re wearing white pants and a colorful top, wear a white headscarf.


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3. Printed hijab headscarves

There’s nothing like a beautiful printed headscarf to make your hijab outfit on point! If you dare, wear it with another print and if you like to stay safe wear it with plain colored outfits.


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4. Neutral colored hijab headscarves with printed outfits

If you really love wearing outfit with prints on them, you can never go wrong with choosing a hijab with a color from one shade of the print. Or you can choose to wear neutral colored headscarves like white, black and beige


Image Credits: Instagram @dalalid - Instagram @saarazai

5. Use color palette coordination to mix and match your colorful hijab outfit

If you like to mix and match different colors together you can use any color palette to see which colors complement each other in the best way, like fuchsia and green, blue and pink, yellow and rose, and even grey with purple

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You'll find the ultimate hijab styling tips and tricks, outfits ideas, and much more in our Hijab Fashion section here.


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