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Your Ultimate Guide to Pick Your Evening Wear Lingerie

Evening dresses are becoming more creative every day. With the different cuts and colors, it’s getting harder to know which lingerie to wear under your evening wear. Don’t worry about it though, because we have the ultimate guide to pick your evening-wear lingerie.

1. Contouring high waist pant.

You know the days you’re feeling bloated, or maybe you just gained a few grams and you feel uncomfortable? This is why they made the contouring high waist pant. This genius invention has been helping women for ages now. It shapes the tummy and the bottom into a feminine, flawless and a little bit slimmer silhouette.

2. Shape-wear dress.

You bought that very tight dress, but you’re bummed it doesn’t look that great on you. For a situation like this one, all you need is a shape-wear dress. I like to call it the magic dress; it shapes your whole body and literally puts every body part into place. For a flawless look, put on a shape-wear dress before you wear your actual evening dress.  

3. No-show seamless panty. 

For the ladies who don't feel comfortable wearing a thong or a string, this no-show seamless panty was made for you. It’s a very light and thin panty that looks like your everyday panty, but it's a bit different. When you put it on and then wear something very tight, it never shows or leaves a trace on your dress.

4. Strapless bra.

The classic strapless bra is the best option for strapless dresses, and it comes now in many shapes and sizes. Don’t worry about control, new designs are to be trusted to give you the perfect lift.

5. Deep plunge bra.

The deep plunge dresses that are currently trending need a special bra! This bra is called the deep plunge strapless bra. In case you’re wearing a sexy dress with a deep plunge, this bra is your savior.

6. String panty.

The classic solution for tight dresses is a string panty. Just make sure that the fabric is plain and thin, and without any lace for ultimate comfort.  

7. Stick-on backless/strapless bra.

This bra is a true invention, it only covers the breasts and keeps your back exposed. It looks a little bit risky, but when it's fixed right, it’s totally worth it. For daring dresses, this is the perfect solution.

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