It's hard to be pregnant, stylish and comfortable all at once, right? However, there's a magic maternity clothing item that can help every pregnant woman achieve that, and it's the maxi dress! That's why I've gathered 11 pregnancy street style looks, to inspire every pregnant woman to wear maxi dresses.

If you're currently expecting, then the maxi dress should be included as one of the staples of your maternity wardrobe. What's great about maxi dresses dresses during pregnancy, is that they can save you whenever you have a "I don't know what to wear wear!" moment. Along with your baby bump, you can wear maxi dresses teamed with a denim vest or a utility jacket, and if you want to toughen up your look a bit, add a leather jacket.

You'll find many ideas to wear maxi dresses during pregnancy in the following street style looks, so just scroll down and get inspired.