A while back, Raya Abirached, one of our favorite Arab TV presenters, announced her pregnancy in the cutest way possible on Instagram. Ever since, Raya Abirached has been making appearances with her baby bump, and I couldn't help but notice her cute pregnancy style.

From Cannes 2016 to the Oscars 2016 and many other red carpet events, Raya Abirached has graced them all with her growing baby bump. I compiled some of the cutest moments from Raya Abirached's pregnancy, and decided to share them with you. In fact, you'll highly relate to Raya Abirached's pregnancy style, as she's the ultimate girl-next-door who's casual during the day and dresses up for her red carpet duties when needed.

Without further ado, scroll down and check out Raya Abirached's pregnancy looks.

1. For her most recent appearance in Cannes 2016, Raya Abirached embraced her baby bump with a spring-appropriate floral dress and Azza Fahmy jewels. So feminine and chic!

2. Yes, that's the look of a woman who's proud of her baby bump! Just look at Raya Abirached hugging growing belly. #Lovestruck

3. A surprise baby shower? Only Raya Abirached can get a baby shower hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Plus points...she looked so adorable!

4. When it was Raya Abirached's last red carpet appearance at Cannes 2016 before she gives birth, she had to go all-glam. Just wow!

5. Did you know that Raya Abirached is starring in the Arabic version of "The Angry Birds Movie"? Now you do! Also, we can't ignore her super trendy look at the film's photo-call in Cannes 2016 with a Burberry backpack.

6. Raya Abirached was on a roll, attending movie premiers one after another. Here, she was spotted in a flowing empire dress that wore to report from the "Captain America: Civil War" red carpet event.

7. Raya Abirached knows that she can't go wrong with a little black dress, even during pregnancy!

8. It looks like Raya Abirached is really into floral prints! Check her out here, while attending the Middle East Film & Comic Con. All floral everything.

9. For her Oscars 2016 dress fitting with Lebanese fashion designer Tony Ward, Raya Abirached had to use a scarf to see how her baby bump would look like months later. How smart and cute!

10. That was the moment when Raya Abirached announced the gender of her baby! She's welcoming a baby girl.This happened at the BAFTA Awards 2016.

11. Dressing up her baby bump during the winter? Not an issue! Raya Abirached looked absolutely glamorous for an appearance during her early pregnancy months.

12. Let's think of this as a throwback moment to when Raya Abirached's baby bump was barely showing! Also, we need to highlight how gorgeous she looked in her Tony Ward dress.

13. Yes, this is not fashion-related, but can we take a moment to discuss Raya Abirached's pregnancy announcement. Oh-so-cute and heartwarming!