Gone are the days where maternity clothes were all about oversized unfashionable garments just to hide the bump and the extra weight. Now, your beautiful baby bump is something to embrace, thanks to celebrities and fashion bloggers! I’ve gathered for you all the 2020 trends that are perfect for maternity to show off that cute bump of yours.

2020 Trends That Are Perfect for Maternity Wear

Animal prints in maternity wear


Out of all the prints and patterns that come and go, animal prints just remain on top. They give you the chance to show your wild side, while also complementing your pregnant body. You can wear the print on a dress, or if you don’t like it to be obvious, you can style an animal printed shirt under a dress or an overall as Hunter Premo did, or maybe a cute silk skirt as the one Laura Wills wore.

Maternity floral/patterned dresses


During your whole pregnancy period, dresses are going to be your best friend, as they will provide you with all the comfort you need, plus the flowers and prints are the trend in 2020 and will give you elegance that'll show that pregnancy glow. You can wear a short floral one for summer days or a maxi chiffon for a classy look as the hijab blogger Leena Snoubar, also I loved this look by Rocky Barnes in a pleated sparkly bottom.

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Maternity denim overalls


If you ask any pregnant woman what is the one maternity piece that she can’t live without, the answer will definitely be denim overalls. They never went out of style, even princess Diana herself wore one. This trend is timeless and really compliments maternity wear in so many ways. You can choose a short or a long one with a shirt underneath and some cool kicks or even a long-sleeved one for a full denim look.

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Pencil dresses for maternity


They’re classy, sexy and will surely outline your bump and give you the chance to embrace the beauty of you’re pregnant body. You can style them in different ways, either wear a printed one for a colorful look or an all-black evening dress, like the one the Lebanese actress Aimee Sayah pulled off while pregnant with twins. This is for sure the most elegant maternity look in 2020.

Casual maxi skirts in maternity

Skirts are the ultimate trend in 2020 and they are definitely perfect for maternity. I couldn’t choose just one type of maxi skirts so I decided to display three of my favorites. The first one is the shiny pleated skirt which has been trendy for a few seasons now, it's also practical and you can style it at different times in the same day. Second, is the ruffled skirt which you probably thought it won’t go with maternity but Rocky Barnes changed our mind with this cool look. And the third is the slip skirt whether in silk or flora,l both are very practical and comfortable.

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Maternity silk dresses

Silk is with no competition the fabric of the season! All the fashion blogs in 2020 are filled with silk pieces, but what’s new here, is how silk dresses are just perfect for maternity. I’ve seen them on many pregnant bloggers and I just loved them and I am sure you will too. Either a silk evening dress or a long-sleeved light dress for every day or even this cool tie-dye silk dress, they’re all just what you need, light for summer, and chic for winter.