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A Checklist of Clothing Essentials for Your Newborn

Nada Allam
12/20/20, 12:00 AM

When a newborn is on the way, there is a lot on the parents' to-do list. From baby proofing their home, reading all the pregnancy and post pregnancy books, getting the baby’s room ready, and most importantly shopping to fill up the newborn's closet. To make things easier on the parents-to-be, we’ve decided to help out a little with our checklist of clothing essentials for your newborn.

Follow our list of the essential clothes for your newborn and your kid will not only look super cute, but also he/she will always have something to wear. Since your baby’s size changes a lot within the first year, we’re making a checklist of clothing essentials that your newborn will need for the first three months. After your newborn grows a little, you can repeat the same checklist but with a different size. 

1. Onesies

You will need 8-10 onsies. That way, you have one for every day of the week, and a few extras in case you haven’t had time to do some laundry or your newborn stained the cute little onesie they are already wearing. Tip: Go for zip up onesies instead of buttoned ones, they are a lot easier and faster. If your baby is born in the summer, go for the short-sleeved onesies, the long ones are better for the winter.

2. Tops

Tops are definitely a clothing essential for your newborn, and you will need at least 8-10 tops. Whatever type of top you want to get your newborn, make sure the opening of the top is wide enough, to make it easy when you are dressing them, and they have enough room around their neck.

3. Pants

Whether you have a baby girl or boy, you will need at least five pairs of pants. For a girl you could go for leggings, of different colors, that way you can mix and match easily. As for a boy, comfortable mini sweatpants are a great choice, and they are easy while dressing your baby. For the winter, make sure you go for sweatpants that are lined on the inside.

5. Bodysuits

These are your baby’s undershirts and are definitely a must-have clothing item for your newborn. They are worn under their outfit, and are hooked at the bottom, like a onesie. They are usually sold in packs. One pack of bodysuits should be okay for your newborn.

6. Pajamas 

Your checklist of clothing essentials for your newborn is not complete without pajamas/sleep suits. There is nothing cuter than dressing up your newborn in adorable sleep suits. You will need approximately 6-8 sleep suits for your newborn in the first three months. Make sure that the type of sleep suit you go for is comfortable for your newborn, soft fabrics like cotton are usually snuggly with a great fit.

7. Socks 

The socks are one thing you should get a lot of, 6-8 pairs of socks will last your newborn his/her first three months. You could also get two pairs of booties for them to wear when you take them out.

8. Mittens

Mittens are the most important clothing item on your checklist for your newborn essentials. For the first few months, you need to cover your newborn’s hands with mittens, to keep them from scratching themselves. Go for four pairs of mittens to last you the first three months.

9. Hats

Whether your baby was born in the winter or the summer, a hat is an essential clothing item for your newborn. In the winter it keeps them warm from the cold, and in the summer it will protect them from the harmful sun rays. However, you don’t need to purchase many hats, as most babies manage to take it off. Go for four hats, it should be enough, maybe even two.

10. Jackets 

There are few pieces of clothing that fall under this category: cardigans, padded jackets or wraps. Since newborns tend to get cold very easily, be sure to purchase a few jackets to keep them warm. For the summer, cardigans are more suitable, as for the winter, the padded jackets and the wrap blanket are good enough. 

11. Dress-up outfits

Since you are bound to take your newborn out and about, you might as well dress them up! Invest in 4-6 nice outfits for your newborn to wear when you take them out.

12. Bibs

The most important item on the list of clothing essentials for your newborn is bibs! Go for at least 10 bibs, as these are used and probably stained almost daily. Don't forget to also get a few burping cloths.

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