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10 Arab Celebrities Who Rocked Their Maternity Evening/Formal Wear!

Salma Khattab
9/3/18, 12:00 AM

Although pregnancy is one of the most joyful and important phases of any woman's life, we can never deny that it still has its challenges and struggles. One of the most commonly shared struggles is when a pregnant woman has an evening event e.g. a wedding, and she has no idea what to wear that will suit both the occasion and her new body shape.

As a normal lady who is not pregnant, we always run out of ideas for our special events. What if you're pregnant? It seems like an almost impossible mission, however, we're here to tell you that it's not. A lot of Arab celebrities proved that a lady can rock in an evening dress even if she is a few weeks away from delivering her expected baby!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @cyrineanour


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