A mum with kids is usually a woman constantly on the go. Whether she's picking her kids up from school, taking them to their soccer practice, or even just heading out to the park for some outdoors entertainment. Just because you are a mum with a super hectic schedule, doesn't mean your style should suffer one little bit. Which is why we thought of the ultimate guide for you, with tips that will make you look flawless at all times, even when you are trying to get your kid out of a puddle of mud.

1. Flats are your new best friend

I am not saying discard your heels, after all Victoria Beckham can do it, but when you have toddlers and a million errands to do, flats are a safer and better choice. Pick a pair of super comfortable, yet stylish flats, like the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, you can't go wrong.

2. Plan your kids' outfits in advance

Mornings are usually a whirlwind with kids, which may affect your style, where you'd easily grab the first pair of sweats in front of you and head out the door. Plan out your kids' outfits beforehand so you have more time for yourself. 

3. Always go for a cross-body bag

You need your hands free, and you don't want your elegant looking tote getting in your way. 

4. Fitted jeans are a key staple

You'll find yourself always going for loose shirts, and fitted jeans are the perfect item to pair them with. Never underestimate what a pair of fitted jeans can do to your look. The outcome is an effortless, casual, yet fabulous look. 

5. Dresses are faster

You don't want to waste time looking for an ironed shirt, or looking for your other favorite jeans, when the one you love is in the wash. Dresses are a fast and easy way to look fresh and chic.

6. Accessorize

A day with the kids usually requires a casual chic look, and accessories are the perfect way to get that. Just pair a statement necklace with your white shirt and fitted jeans and you are good to go.

7. Pamper yourself

A good hair do, paired up with a colorful mani-predi can do wonders to a look. Being well groomed will make any outfit look awesome.

8. Sexy lingerie

Just because you gave up your flirty skirts and embellished tops for your morning kids time, doesn't mean you give up your lingerie. The key to feeling fabulous is from within, literally, sexy underwear will have a huge impact on you. 

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