Dalia Nsouli is one of our all-time favorite influential Arab style stars; she's a successful banker banker - who also hits a high note when it comes to fashion.

Why do we love her so much? Dalia Nsouli has a fashion style of her own, and she never fails when it comes to getting dressed in effortlessly chic looks - in a totally unique way.

Now this petite stylish woman is currently pregnant, and we couldn't help but get in touch with her, to bring you all the maternity fashion scoop you need to know. So, read along to get maternity style advice, straight from the uber stylish Dalia Nousli.

The perfect capsule maternity wardrobe should include…
Lots of stretchy or loose dresses. They're the easiest to slip on, and the fact that you don't have to zip them up like pants is what makes them so ideal at this time. They don't have to be maternity-specific, which are usually boring and unnecessary.

Which pieces from your existing wardrobe can you still use during your pregnancy?
I've used them all; it's just a matter of how. I didn't buy a single piece of maternity clothing. I even continue to wear the same jeans, just unzipped. For jeans and shorts that buckle at the waist, simply unzip them, and wear them unbuckled. Put a tube top over the hem where the buckle is, and fold over once again. It's the perfect elastic band to hold them in place. To hide the band, I wear a loose shirt or top over the jeans or shorts (tucked out). You really don't have to change anything in your wardrobe when you're pregnant, just change the way you wear certain pieces.

The most stylish pregnant celebrity of all-time is…
In my opinion, Blake Lively.

Three maternity styling tips/tricks every woman must know…
- Buy a waist band or use an old  tube top to allow you to wear them over unzipped pants or jeans.
- In the early days, you can also use a simple elastic hair band to hold your pants together, if you're unable to buckle the top button.
- Stretchy cotton ribbed dresses are both stylish and comfortable.

Body-con dresses during pregnancy; a do or don’t?
Mmm, depends on the type of dress. If it's a normal figure hugging dress then sure, but it also depends on how you wear it. I'm seeing a lot of people wearing these dresses to their ankles or 3/4th length and wearing boots under them; the look is bulky, cuts them in half and not classy at all.

I think it isn't the most flattering look on skinny girls, let alone pregnant women. I'm all for dressing up your bump, but it's all about how it's done.  There are so many other ways to dress your bump anyway, but so many people are influenced by Kim Kardashian, so I try to stay clear of such trends. They never interested me anyway.

If you had to pick one maternity clothing item to invest in, what would you go for?
Spanx for maternity and Spanx for postpartum panties.The latter are especially recommended for those who have had a c-section; they support the structure of your tummy which is needed after the operation.

Mums-to-be struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans, so can you recommend your favorite?
To be honest, I wore the same jeans throughout and didn't change them or go up a size. It all depends on your pregnancy, but I was lucky enough to be able to still fit in my old jeans, leaving the button and zipper unzipped, and wearing an over-sized top over it to cover the fact that my pants weren't zipped.

However, some woman may retain more water than others, and can't fit into their old jeans while pregnant; so for them I would recommend 7 for All Mankind, who I hear makes great maternity jeans.

Maternity eveningwear can be a bit tricky;can you tell us some tips for the ultimate look?
I'm wasn't at all for me. You can wear tight stretchy dresses, silky slip dresses which hang off your body anyway, or A-line dresses which flow wide around the belly area. The options are endless, and you don't have to sacrifice style to accommodate your bump.

Embracing a stylish baby bump helps with pregnancy mood swings. True or false?
Yes, 100%; if you live your life normally as in you dress up your bump and remain interested in looking nice and stylish, you become more confident and actually feel sexy when pregnant. This makes your relationship with your husband better and allows you to continue enjoying your social life as opposed to being upset at the fact that 'nothing fits,' which in turn makes you feel 'fat' and makes you want to stay home. I actually think it's very important to embrace your new curves and rock them. It's all in your hands (and mind) really.

Can you share with us your beauty routine during your pregnancy?
I searched endlessly for the perfect oil to apply on my torso to avoid stretch marks, and finally found the perfect one in my second trimester when this oil is most important. I wanted an organic and natural coconut or cocoa based oil and found one at Whole Foods in the US. I applied that so generously, twice a day, without exception!  I applied it on my stomach, back, inner and outer thighs. I also made sure to stay so hydrated, because pregnancy hormones can chap and dry your skin and scalp.

For my face, I kept a Roche Posay water spray in my purse which I would spray on my face, even over make up. I kept using the same face wash, toner and moisturizer as I had before I was pregnant because they were chemical and paraben free anyway. This really helped, as a lot of pregnant women usually suffer from acne and so it was important to clean out my skin twice a day and keep it hydrated.

Finally, I ate a very balanced and natural diet and kept myself hydrated drinking at least 2 liters per day. I also never stopped working out and going to the gym, which psychologically has a very positive impact on pregnancy and on me.

Photo Credits: Instagram: @DaliaNsouli