Be it summer, winter or any time of the year, a pregnant woman should always remain chic and stylish and never let her beautiful bump act as a burden. Since winter is already around the corner, a mom-to-be might find it a bit challenging to style her new body and layer clothes the right way. Because we know you might be a bit confused on how to dress up yourself stylishly during maternity, here are some winter styling tips for expecting moms.

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1. Because it’s always okay to embrace your sexy baby bump, a wrap dress is a perfect choice for a night out. Not only will it make your look put together, but also it will also give your bump extra support. Layer it with a cape or a colored coat to leave a statement wherever you go.

2. It’s completely alright if your favorite jacket doesn't fit anymore, no need to even whine about it! When your winter jackets become just too tight, make sure to invest in statement long sleeved tops to wear them underneath the jacket and leave your jacket open.

3. When you choose your winter boots, make sure they’re quite loose and flexible when it come to your shin. During pregnancy, your feet and shin tend to expand a bit or become swollen, that's why make sure to opt for comfy boots with softer fabrics. You might need to purchase boots that are a size bigger than your original size.

4. While the perfect cover-up can be a little tricky to find, you can invest in a gorgeous looking cape and still be in style! This winter is all about capes and oversized shawls. You will never regret owning a cape, because it's just a timeless piece!

5. You can’t go wrong with a perfect dark colored pair of jeans. Make sure to go for a pair of jeans that is stretchy and somehow thick to provide you with comfort and keep you warm.

6. An oversized sweater is definitely a must-have in your maternity wardrobe. You can either dress it up or down or wear it the way you want. Go for a sweater with embellishments or a vibrant print to look as chic as possible. You can also pair it up with colored pants for a change. Make sure the fitting of the sweater is just moderate, not too loose/tight so it looks as it's borrowed. 

7. A printed scarf is just prefect for accessorizing any outfit. It can literally make a very simple jeans and t-shirt outfit look more chic. Wrapping it around your shoulder or tying it around your neck will also give a sliming effect to your entire body and especially your upper body part.

8. A vest will automatically make your upper part look longer and way slimmer than you think, only if the vest is slightly long. Whether it's fur, water proof or even wool, will keep your bump feeling cozy and stylish.

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