Diaper bags are quite big and spacious for a reason, as a mother you must always be prepared for anything. Heading out to the park, a gathering, or even an early lunch with your little one, your baby's diaper bag must include key essentials. There is no such thing as over-packing when it comes to filling your baby's diaper bag, after all, a child and their mum should look stylish no matter what.

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1. Diapers

2. Wet Wipes

3. Extra clothes and undergarments

4. Bib

5. Snacks

6. Baby bottles for milk and water

7. Blanket, you never know when it might get chilly

8. A couple of pacifiers

9. Hand sanitizer

10. Small hand towel

11. Sunscreen or hat

12. Diaper rash cream

13. Nursing cover pads for breast-feeding mums

14. Toys

15. Changing pads, to lay your baby as you change their diaper

16. Burping cloths

17. Extra shirt for mum

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