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| by Nada Allam

24 Gift Ideas for Moms-to-Be: From Pampering to Baby Needs

Heading to a baby shower can be overwhelming, for me at least. I enter the baby store and there are so many things and options, I just don't know what to get! I look at the baby stroller and think, well she probably already has that. Moms-to-be are quite busy, I doubt they have time to form a baby shower registry list. Another thing I think of is that we always tend to get something for the unborn child, but what about the mum to be? Doesn't she need a little bit of pampering too? Here are a few gift ideas for moms to be.

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Gift ideas for expecting mothers:

1. Mum and baby Jewelry 

This is an awesome gift, especially if the mum is having a daughter. Get them both a personalized jewelry set. A bracelet for the mum to wear and a smaller version of it for the daughter as well. It's a very thoughtful gift and can be passed down through generations.

2. Trendy Diaper Bag

When you are a mum, sporting your statement bag isn't an option anymore. However, just because she's a mum it doesn't mean she has to put her style to rest. So how about you get your friend a statement diaper bag? 

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3. A Spa Certificate

Once the baby comes, 'Me Time' is going to be very rare, at least for a while. So why not book in some spa time for your pregnant mum-to-be and let HER enjoy the peace and tranquility before things become busy for her? Just make sure she checks with her doctor first, which spa facilities are safe for her. 

4. Cute Pajama Set

Just because she's pregnant, it doesn't mean she has to stop wearing sexy or cute pajamas. Maternity clothes have become extremely cool lately, so why not get your friend a silk pajama set or cute maternity nighties!

5. Toiletries Set

If you are going to purchase a set of baby bath products, be sure to go for a toiletries set for the mum too. Something that includes soothing oils, bubble bath salts and creams for stretch marks. A mum will also need to take extra care of herself after she gives birth.

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6. Breast pump and breastfeeding equipment

If you are looking for gift ideas for the new mother, then there is definitely nothing better than giving her a set of various types of breastfeeding tools, like a breast pump, bottle, and other things a mom might need to breastfeed the baby.

7. Baby Carrier/Sling

Every mother will be looking for a baby carrier, so it is a great gift idea for expecting mothers. You can choose one that suits the taste and needs of the mom.

Gift ideas for expecting mothers

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8. A set of hospital clothes

Hospital day can be overwhelming and very difficult for the mom. You can help by getting a set of clothes suitable for the hospital, like pajamas, a robe and slippers.

9. Devices for newborns

There are more than one type of newborn baby device that can make it easier for mothers to get by the day. You can get her a baby shusher or a baby monitor.

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10. Comfy clothes for new mothers

Many new moms need to update their wardrobe, adding easy simple and comfy pieces that are easy to wear like sweatpants, leggings and so on. So, you can get her some of these comfy basics. take care to offer her a few simple pieces.

11. New sneakers and slippers

Some moms need new shoes and slippers after birth, because the feet can be swollen. So, you can get her new comfy ones. 

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12. A gym membership

One of the gift ideas a new mom might like, especially, if she's ready to get back to her exercise  routine right away, is a gym membership or subscription.  

13. Nursing bra

A nursing bra is one of the best gifts for a new mother because she really needs it.

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14. An album of the baby's first photos

The first photos of a newborn are really special and memorable. You can put them for her in a special album and give it to her as a beautiful gift.

15. Candles with relaxing scents

A mother after childbirth may find it difficult to get some time to relax, so you can give her some candles with a nice comforting scent to help her relax.

16. Sheet and under-eye masks

It can be difficult for moms to find the time to take care of their skin with a new born. Getting them quick sheet masks and under eye masks will help her give the skin some glow, combat the new baby tiredness, and she can just have them on while she's gets things done.

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17. A thermal mug

Yes, a thermal mug can be a wonderful gift idea for a new mother because in the beginning she spends most of her day indoors and is always busy, so her cup of tea or coffee always gets cold. 

18. Mother and baby T-shirt with the same design 

Get her a custom shirt for her and the baby in the same design. You can even print their names.

19. Hydration tracker water bottle

Drinking water is very important and new moms should make sure they're staying hydrated. It can be hard to keep track, so this is a great gift idea. 

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20. Baby stroller

One of the things that every mother needs, is a stroller. Just make sure she hasn't already gotten one!

21. Postpartum skin care products

The skin can be struggling a little bit after giving birth, so getting a mom body oils and creams to help her with her skin concerns is a good idea as well. 

22. Small bed for the baby

These are great to help moms place the baby next to them on the bed or couch.  

Gift ideas for expecting mothers

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23. Nursing pillow

One of the most popular things that a mother may need after giving birth is a nursing pillow, which makes it easier for the mother to breastfeed all the time.

24. A mug with the baby's name

A cute and thoughtful gift that she can always have around to make her smile.  

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