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How to Choose Maternity Swimwear

Zeina Tawfik
8/28/13, 12:00 AM

Being pregnant shouldn't stop you from enjoying the beach season. You can put on a swimsuit and flaunt your baby bump at the beach or poolside, be confident with your pregnant body and enjoy that holiday you're taking. However, maternity swimwear is a little bit different that your usual bikini or one-piece swimsuit, your choice shall depend on your stage of pregnancy.

During your pregnancy, you gain weight specially in your second and third trimesters, so don't worry about not looking your usual self in a swimsuit, those extra kilos and that baby bump will actually make you look cute on the beach. At first you should decide if you want to wear a bikini, a tankini or a one-piece swimsuit, which would be based on how much you're comfortable with showing off your now-rounded belly.

The most important factor in choosing your maternity swimwear is comfort, because when you feel comfortable in a swimsuit, you will definitely look more flattering. Maternity swimsuits are usually made of stretchy fabric like spandex that will embrace your abdomen, they also include added support for your bust. If you're going for a one-piece swimsuit, and you're at a late pregnancy stage, make sure that your belly bump isn't squeezed and that the swimsuit's bra support fits you properly, halter tops are usually an ideal choice. If you decide to wear a bikini, you should focus that the straps are sitting comfortably on your shoulders and that the size suits you well, so you don't have to keep adjusting it as you move around. Tankinis are one of the most popular maternity swimwear choices, they're a compromise between the one-piece swimsuit and the bikini, they cover the belly considerably and the bottom piece usually have ties that can be adjusted to your size.

Choose bright colors and prints, they look more interesting and fun to wear, but you can always go for a black swimsuit if you want a more slimming look.

Hit the beach and enjoy those waves, don't forget to stay protected from the sun and have a coverup in your beach bag, match your maternity swimwear with your choice of a beach dress, sarong or tunic.


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