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| by Zeina Tawfik

How to Pick Maternity Sportswear

It's essential to stay fit during your pregnancy, whether by doing simple workouts at the gym, prenatal yoga or just by having walks at the park. But you better be prepared with the suitable maternity sportswear, to make sure you're comfortable while exercising. Here are some tips to pick your maternity sportswear...

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1. Tops

- Always look for tops that are lightweight, breathable, and stretchable, made of quick dry fabric or cotton.

- Go for tank tops and t-shirts with extra length to cover your baby bump.

- Avoid tops that are too tight, specially at your bust and baby bump area.

- Don't forget to always have a hoodie with you, dressing up in layers will help you if you feel hot or cold after exercising.

2. Sports Bras

- During pregnancy, your bust size tends to grow larger, so don't worry if your old sports bra doesn't fit you well anymore.

- The key to picking a maternity sports bra is comfort! Look for a design that provides support for your breasts, it should have a wide under-bust band and straps.

- Some sports bras can double up as nursing bras, so invest in one if you're intending to exercise post your baby's delivery.

3. Pants

- For your first trimester, you probably won't need new training pants. Your baby bump will start growing towards your second trimester.

- Your choice of pants will depend on the type of exercise you'll be doing. Whatever your pick will be, make sure that your baby bump is well supported.

- For prenatal yoga, wear comfortable yoga pants with an elastic waistband, that isn't clinging tightly to your body.

- If you'll be heading to the gym for workouts, pick tracksuit bottoms or leggings that have a bump band, they will stretch as your baby bump grows.

4. Footwear

- Make sure that your trainers still fit well, because your feet tend to get swollen during pregnancy.

- If your old trainers fit well but they're a bit worn out, make sure to buy a new pair and replace them because you don't want to risk any falls or slips.

- Choose the right trainers according to the type of workout you'll be doing. For example, trainers that are used for walking are different than the trainers used for gym workouts.

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