If you'll soon be giving birth, you probably have a checklist now of everything you need for your baby. Well, you can safely consider the diaper bag a done task, yes check it off now. Because I’ll share with you a few tips on how you can turn your handbag into a secret diaper bag.

All mothers really think that they can’t leave their house without two to three bags, but the truth is you only need one, and it can be your everyday handbag. All you need to do, is to find the right handbag and know how to organize things. 

The diaper bag organizer insert

The diaper bag insert is an item you're going to fall in love with. You’ll probably keep on using it even after your baby no longer needs a diaper bag! The diaper bag insert will help you keep everything in place and easy to search for; bottles in place, diapers in another and changing mat well placed and compacted. Your personal stuff of course can be in there too, because the whole point is to help you hold just one handbag. The best bags to use with the diaper bag organizer insert are tote bags, they are very practical and their size is very convenient.

tips to turn your everyday bag into a diaper bagtips to turn your everyday bag into a diaper bag

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Turn your travel toiletries bag into your baby's diaper bag

You must have an extra toiletry bag lying around from your travels. The best thing about toiletry bags is that they are filled with pockets and pouches, so you can use all these pockets to organize everything your baby might need and throw it in your everyday bag, and voila you turned it into a diaper bag. 

tips to turn your everyday bag into a diaper bag

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Be smart with your baby's needs and your needs to pack a diaper bag

The main trick to be able to change your diaper bag into an everyday bag is to pack it smartly. For example if you used to carry around wipes and tissues, just switch out your wipes with baby wipes, instead of packing two kinds. Invest in a battery case for your phone that can snap on to your phone like a cover, instead of carrying around a charger or a power bank. See just like that, you saved up space in your bag. 

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How to pack a regular backpack as a diaper bag

You may have been walking around pre-baby with your small cross-body bag, but how about changing that to a backpack. Backpacks are a trend that is here to stay and the best thing about backpacks is that they provide you with a lot of space, and they usually have inner zippers and pockets, making it easier to find your stuff. So, use your backpack as a diaper bag and rock it! 

tips to turn your everyday bag into a diaper bag

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Create space in your everyday bag to turn it into a diaper bag

This is a tip that I highly recommend to every woman out there! Say goodbye to your big bulky wallets, I know they were trending for a while, but let's face it, they just don't fit in clutches and small bags. More importantly when you switch to a small wallet, you'll realize that big wallet you were carrying around is filled with things that you don't use. A small wallet should be able to fit all your necessities, and will take up less space in your everyday bag, making it easier to make your everyday bag a diaper bag. 

             tips to turn your everyday bag into a diaper bag

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