Wearing belts during pregnancy isn't as hard as you think! Belts are one of the accessories that you can easily use to style your maternity looks. However, you have to know that adding a belt to your outfit while you're pregnant will differ a little bit than how you regularly use it, just forget about fitting that belt around your waist. Instead, the belts should either go above your baby bump or under your baby bump.

Most maternity clothes are usually plain, and you should use accessories to spice them up and know how to wear belts during pregnancy. That's where belts come in handy, to give shape to your maternity wardrobe and define your body. Flatter your baby bump by adding a thin belt above your tummy if you're wearing a dress, it will accentuate the slim area under your bust. Place a belt on your hips beneath your baby bump if you're wearing long tops or tunics, this will help you in avoiding a 'parachute' look.

A crucial tip on how to wear belts during pregnancy is to make sure to pick the belts you're using to accessorise wisely, you don't want it too tight or else you'll be irritating your baby bump. Thin and stretchy belts are the best choice, they'll do the styling trick yet leave you feeling comfortable.