Apparently, pregnancy sun dresses and empire dresses no longer interest pregnant women! Fitted dresses or bodycon pregnancy dresses have officially become the new favorite thing for street style stars and celebrities. So, let us guide you to the best way to wear bodycon pregnancy dresses like a celebrity.

1. Wear it with sneakers.

Although most celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen have been only spotted wearing high heels with bodycon pregnancy dresses, I can tell that it's probably neither practical nor comfortable. So bring out your sneakers, it will turn your look around, you’ll look fancy but you'll stay comfortable.

2. Wear it with a jacket.

Women with wider hips are advised to wear a coat, jacket or a vest that covers the hips with bodycon pregnancy dresses. However, never wear a jacket that ends right above or right on your hips, it should always end under your hips. And since you’ll be wearing a very tight dress, you need to cover your hips just like Kim Kardashian always did. It will slim you down and compliment your figure.

3. Wear it in medium and long length.

Medium length bodycon pregnancy dresses are perfect body shapers, they give beautiful curves to a woman’s body. Also, if you ever feel uncomfortable showing your knees, or feeling like your legs have swollen, they will come to the rescue. Instead of hiding them under a jeans, make them comfortable under a long length bodycon pregnancy dress.

Now that I've shared with you some tips on how to wear bodycon pregnancy dresses, just scroll down and get inspired by some photos I've gathered to help you more.