Wondering how to wear skirts during pregnancy and still look chic? A skirt is one of the most practical pieces of clothing during maternity, especially when it has an elastic waist, as it fits more comfortably on your baby bump. If you're still experimenting with your pregnancy fashion, or you can't figure out what to wear during pregnancy, these pregnancy style tips on how to wear skirts during pregnancy will help you elevate your maternity outfits.

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Here are some ideas on how to wear skirts during pregnancy:

How to wear pleated skirts during pregnancy


During pregnancy, most women gain more weight around their hips, that's why pleated skirts would be their best pick. How to wear pleated skirts during pregnancy? Choose fabrics such as chiffon and silk, they'll fall loose, drawing the attention away from any areas you don't want to highlight.

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Skirts with an elastic waist

You don't really need to head to the maternity wear section and buy new skirts, as long as the ones you have already have in your closet have an elastic waist. To wear skirts during pregnancy, you can either pull them over the bump or have them below your belly so they don't make you feel uncomfortable.

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How to wear satin skirts during pregnancy


Satin skirts are a great modern trend that can be worn with so many things. Even though satin skirts are really comfortable, it’s better to find one that is comfortable around your baby bump. With satin skirts, it’s gorgeous to show your beautiful baby bump. So you can wear a cropped t-shirt or a light sweater if it would make you more comfortable.

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Belts for maternity wear

Belts are a great styling trick to dress up maternity wear, as they give you an illusion of a waistline. One way to incorporate belts into your outfit, is to wrap them around your skirt above your baby bump while tucking in your shirt or top inside.

How to wear tight skirts during pregnancy


Tight skirts can be a bit tricky when it comes to pregnancy, but they can also look extremely chic. You can stay on the safe side and wear stretch skirts. But if you're keen on leather and plaid skirts, make sure it's the right fit so that it's not too tight around your waist and uncomfortable for your baby bump. Tight skirts look great when you show your baby bump, so wear them with a tucked in loose fitted shirt.

What about denim skirts?

When it comes to button-front skirts, you can wear them during pregnancy by transforming the denim skirt you already have into a maternity one by adding an elastic fabric to its waist.

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Balance it out

Wearing skirts during pregnancy can balance your body proportions, but make sure to wear loose tops with pencil skirts, and fitted tops with loose skirts.