What to wear during pregnancy is a question on the mind of every mom-to-be! It's a fact that when you're pregnant, your dressing choices change as well as your lifestyle and you start shopping for maternity wearYou tend to opt for more comfortable and loose maternity wear. During this process, your body seems so different to you. We're helping you with some maternity wear dos and don'ts for every pregnant woman out there. 

DON'T wear a size bigger of maternity wear. Embrace your baby bump and new curves. No matter what you do, you won't be able to hide your baby bump. If your belly fits right inside your maternity wear yet your outfit looks loose from other parts of your body, then you know you've committed a fashion crime. 

DO wear the latest trends of maternity wear, what is better than a pregnant fashionista? Pull off the latest trends and be daring. Do some tribal prints, wear monochrome or even floral patterns. All you need is to be simple yet stylish.

DON'T dress in dark colors. It's a common myth that each pregnant woman should always go for maternity wear in navy, blue, brown and dark colors. Show off your unique style and balance your outfits. You can wear black pants with a bright top or vice versa. Have some fun with your maternity wear and shine on!

DO wear accessories along with your maternity wear. Mix and match some accessories with each outfit you make. You can also pick belts that flaunt your shape and will sit right above your baby bump.