Rita Lamah is a name that you may already know, and a face you're probably familiar with. The Lebanese beauty is a personal stylist, contributing editor and a fashion blogger; a fixture in the Lebanese fashion scene! Just recently, she also launched her very own app, Rita Lamah, that's available on iOS and Android. Oh, and she's currently expecting her third child, walking around with one of the most stylish baby bumps out there!

To inspire all the pregnant women, we had a little chat with Rita Lamah, the beautiful mum who shared with us how she nails maternity dressing, her fashion advice for mums-to-be and some beauty tips too.

The perfect capsule maternity wardrobe should include…
Usually it differentiates from a woman to another, as the body shape differs from one to another. Besides, the hormones play a huge role when choosing a certain outfit and color. As for me, my favorite items to create my capsule maternity wardrobe are a good pair of maternity jeans (in fall/winter/spring seasons), tank tops and over-sized tees (depending on your mood), waistcoats, tight cotton dresses, maxi dresses, flat comfy shoes (bearing in mind that your shoe size might increase during the third trimester), and plenty of accessories, hats and statement bags.

Which pieces from your existing wardrobe can you still use during your pregnancy?
Since it is not my first pregnancy, I still own few pieces from the previous ones. As for non-maternity clothes, I can still use the over-sized tops, vests, skirts that I wear as empire waist-cut skirts, sleeveless waistcoats that I absolutely love and of course all of my accessories and statement jewelry pieces, that helped a lot with the boring maternity wear. Recently, I can’t give up my fitted cotton dresses that I got in a bigger size to fit my bump. They are so comfy, very affordable and show off your bump in a very cute way.

The most stylish pregnant celebrity of all-time is…
Can’t say of all-time, but recently I love Chrissy Teigen’s maternity style. Always showing she’s comfy, stylish and confident with her bump.

Three maternity styling tips/tricks every woman must know…
- The changes in a woman’s body can affect her mood so the first thing to know is to love herself and accept the changes in her body.
- Don’t underestimate the importance of the accessories be it necklaces, bracelets, hats or bags (rings might not be the best option towards the end of the pregnancy).
- Getting to know your body shape and the colors that suit you best, will help you wearing the right outfit with confidence. For instance, if you have an accentuated waist, show it off. If you have thin long legs, invest in shorts and short dresses that will draw the attention far from the parts that you’d like to hide.

Body-con dresses during pregnancy; a do or don’t?
A total DO! But all depends on your mood. Some women don’t like fitted clothes during pregnancy. I personally love them. But again, it is what makes you comfortable that counts during those 9 months. Tight or wide, I believe every woman should choose what makes her feel better, and with small tricks, she can glam up her look very easily.

If you had to pick one maternity clothing item to invest in, what would you go for?
A good comfy evening dress. I advise the women out there to trust a good tailor and do some customized outfits during their pregnancy.

Mums-to-be struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans, so can you recommend your favorite?
I have two favorites; one from Mamalicious and the other is from Seraphine. But I can’t stand them in summer!

Maternity eveningwear can be a bit tricky; can you tell us some tips for the ultimate look?
As I mentioned, before I prefer to use the help of my amazing tailor. I customize my evening dresses be it short or long depending on the occasion. Again, knowing your body will help you save time and money when choosing an outfit not only during pregnancy but also throughout your whole life! Play with your accessories if you go simple with your LBD, wear big chunky earrings or a necklace and enjoy doing your make up. Bold colored lipstick helps a lot.

Embracing a stylish baby bump helps with pregnancy mood swings. True or false?
Totally true. Looking good boosts your morale and gives you amazing self-confidence throughout your days and nights far from the pregnancy. Then imagine this during your hormonal change and mood swings! Although everybody says that the pregnancy gives an amazing glow to a woman’s face, we sometimes feel down because all of those sudden changes in our body. Looking good and loving ourselves are key to self-confidence and positivity.

Can you share with us your beauty routine during your pregnancy?
My beauty routine remained the same during my pregnancy. Cleaning my face every night, using the necessary creams during the day, especially the sunscreen. For all those who don’t use sunscreen on a daily basis, you should start using it during the pregnancy months, as you will see that your skin reacts more strongly to the sunlight. Besides, using anti-stretch mark creams to prevent visible stretch marks, although nothing will prevent them if our skin is prone to that. One more tip during pregnancy is eating healthy! Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and drinking plenty of water can help us have a glowing healthy skin and a healthy baby.

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