After figuring out that you're pregnant, you'd probably want to rush to the mall and start shopping for your baby bump. Before doing that, there are a set of tricks to save money while shopping for maternity wear you'll surely need to know. How about not harming your bank account? Avoid buying too much clothes by following these six tricks to save money on maternity clothes:

1. Maternity pants are one of the most important pieces you should own during pregnancy. However, instead of buying too many of them, one or two pairs are more than enough. Why? We'll show you how to simply transform your regular pants into maternity pants

2. Loose dresses or blouses with a tight cut ending below the bust are extremely wearable pre and post pregnancy. Don't hesitate in buying them!

3. Start shopping for your maternity clothes only when you're five months pregnant or your baby bump has already started growing. Shopping before that may lead to inaccurate estimations of your size.

4. If you already have skirts with an elastic band, then you might not need to purchase new ones. The best thing about them? They're wearable and easy to be styled

5. Try layering different textures and materials together, as this will help you spend less on maternity wear. Open your wardrobe, and look for loose and oversized tops and pair them up with matching jackets and cardigans. 

6. Invest in a comfortable and high quality belly band to support your baby bump with skirts and pants. If you place the belly band over the waist of your tight jeans, you could easily leave the buttons open. 

7. Maternity wear stores are really tempting at times because of the way they display the items, and can therefore be more expensive. Maternity clothes are almost everywhere if you look for them the right way! Oversized tops, loose cardigans and dresses could be found easily and will flatter your figure perfectly.