Mother's Day is nearing, and we are all thinking of what to get our dear mothers. The fact is, every mum out there deserves the best, actually let me rephrase, every stylish mum out there deserves a stylish gift. We are bringing you some fabulous pieces that you can get for Mother's Day to spice up your mum's wardrobe. Here are a few items to consider, I also added some pictures to give you guys an idea.

1. Blazer

There is a big chance that you mother already has one of these in her closet. But since we are spicing up her wardrobe, go for a more funky kind of blazer, for example one with zips.

2. Blouse

Every mum deserves to look fabulous in a silk button down shirt. The beauty about a beautiful shirt, is that it can be worn in many ways, it is timeless.

3. Clutch

A leopard clutch never goes out f style. Every time your mum grabs that clutch to head out, she will remember what a thoughtful gift you got her.

4. Makeup Kit

Find out your mum's favorite makeup brand, and spring for a makeup kit filled with the brand's most coveted products.

5. Flats

From time to time, every mum should rest her feet in style. Find a comfortable pair of flats, but pick a color you know would match with most of her clothes. You can't go wrong with camel. 

6. Jewelry

Statement jewelry is always trending, and a stylish mum should rock a fabulous piece of statement jewelry. Make sure to find her something that is a perfect mix between elegant and stylish. 

7. Shawl 

You can never go wrong with a shawl. Especially with the spring weather nearing, a shawl will be an accessory your mother will not leave home without, so you might as well get her a super stylish one.

8. Phone Cover

Even though they do not use their phones a lot, doesn't mean they shouldn't dress it up. Trust us, mums love funky little tech accessories that add a personal touch to their phone

9. Key Ring

If there is one thing a mother always has in her bag, it's a set of keys. Find a cute little key chain for your mum to remember you every time she takes out her keys.

10. Sunglasses

Every mum out there should have a fabulous pair of sunglasses to throw on as she speeds out the door. Make sure you are the person who gets her that fabulous pair.  

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