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Thoughts of a Mum - Luma Qusus Awad

Zeina Tawfik
3/20/13, 12:00 AM

Luma Qusus Awad, a mother and Designer of Lumani.

1. The best advice my mum ever gave me is...
There are too many from my mum and my mother-in-law, but the best one is to show your kids love... Kiss them, hug them anytime of the day and they will be passionate and loving kids, and it really works. Nothing is more precious than hearing your kid say "I love you mama" when its least expected.

2. What's the one thing you got from your mum and you'd like to pass down to your kids?
Hospitality and sharing, my mom is known to be a great hostess and cook, our house was always open for friends and family and as kids we learnt to share our toys and entertain any kid that used to visit us without complaining, this was our duty. I like my kids to do the same.

3. Share with us a lesson that motherhood has taught you.
I've learned the importance of patience and tolerance, two characteristics I never thought were too important. It's no longer "I" it’s "We," your life revolves around your kids and family, everyday is a lesson and once in motherhood you're in it for good!

4. What's your favorite part of being a mum?
Oh where do I start... Hearing mini-me arguing back brings a smile to my face and reassures me that I'm doing a good job. My silly hour with the kids (I can’t complain or say NO) where I see all their creativity and craziness coming out. Coming back to me for advice and help and sharing little secrets with me brings joy to my heart. My good night hugs kisses and cuddles (that might take more that an hour sometimes) is just the perfect finale to my day.
5. Recommend a survival kit to the new mums out there.
Trust your instincts, and you are the perfect doctor to your children. Don’t forget yourself; mama needs to be happy so everyone else is happy. Don’t miss out on beautiful moments and be there for your kids whenever you can, they grow so fast.
6. What's the oddest thing you have carried in your handbag as mum?
Haha, I have carried many things in my bag! One of them was a syringe, I used to use it for giving my kids syrup medicines as they can't spit it out unlike giving it with a spoon. 
7. Do you get in the way of your kids' fashion choices?
Sometimes I can't help it with my boys! Especially if we are going to a special occasion, but generally I love to see them express themselves. 


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