Sarah Beydoun, an Arab mom, a social entrepreneur and Sarah's Bag Founder and Creative Director from Lebanon.

1. The best advice my mum ever gave me is...
To believe in myself

2. What's the one thing you got from your mum and you'd like to pass down to your kids?
If there is one thing I got from my mum and would love to pass it to my children is being positive. I strongly believe that it helps a lot in life to focus on the bright side rather than dwell on any problem; and if it’s impossible for us to change any situation, we are better off with changing our attitude towards it and the way we think about it.

3. Share with us a lesson that motherhood has taught you.
While raising a kid with autism, I was faced with a lot of challenges. The lesson I learned most is to be patient and to accept my son’s limitations.

4. What's your favorite part of being a mum?
I love to teach my children by telling them stories. I also enjoy having fun with them, dancing, playing and exploring nature.

5. Recommend a survival kit to the new mums out there.
I would definitely recommend “good help” !

6. What's the oddest thing you have carried in your handbag as mum?
Pumping machine.

7. Do you get in the way of your kids' fashion choices?
I am raising boys, 2 boys who do not care much about fashion. They only want to wear their latest football attire of their favorite player. However, I would not like them to be interested in their appearance from a young age. I would prefer their sense of style to develop when they are teenagers. It is then that clothing becomes more of a self-expression.