Sima Najjar, an Arab mom and Founder of Ekeif and SiMS Management for fashion in Jordan.

1. The best advice my mum ever gave me is...
Be courageous. Even if you think differently, I believe in you.

2. What's the one thing you got from your mum and you'd like to pass down to your kid?
My mom has a big heart, always forgiving and she taught me that (but i never forget though).

3. Share with us a lesson that motherhood has taught you.
Still new (just since 3 months) but it taught me to be patient, a lot! And also taught me to control stress and be relaxed, as babies feel it and I don't want her to feel that! Also, if you're a working mom, it gave me the push to do more for her and be super organized and efficient as you don't have all day to do things anymore, so if it takes for you to work at 4am after feeding your baby then do it.

4. What's your favorite part of being a mum?
When I kiss her while sleeping and she smiles, the feeling of content and happiness she is feeling makes me happy that I provided her with that. Also watching her grow everyday and watching her develop skills that are basic for us but amazing to watch how a baby starts developing them such as gripping, hugging or even staring or laughing! 

5. Recommend a survival kit to the new mums out there.
Ask for help! We are not super mamas and even from the first day, I had the people who I love and care about around me pitching for help and the most important thing is that you let them help. Being relaxed and easy going is very important for me and my baby.

6. What's the oddest thing you have carried in your handbag as mum?
You mean do you miss your handbag? lol! I don't carry my handbags anymore, I carry her huge bag for her now, you know they need a lot of stuff apparently! Specially at first.

7. Do you get in the way of your kid's fashion choices?
My daughter is 3 months old and she is already making her own fashion choices by screaming at me when she doesn't like an outfit (mainly not comfortable) and so far she loves being naked, but it's cold so she compromise sometimes for a light comfortable pullover, but no socks or dresses for the little Missy!