"What should I wear when I'm pregnant?" We all know the amount of 'happy' weight that you gain during pregnancy. It’s not about hiding your bump, it’s about, styling it up and embracing it. That's why we'd like to guide you with some tricks on how to look confident with your baby bump along with six maternity style tips every pregnant woman should know. 


1. Dresses: 

 - Flowy Dresses: When it comes to dresses, there are two ways you can rock them during pregnancy to look oh so chic. If you want to go for flowy dresses, then make sure it’s a perfect fit, meaning it allows the flowy dress to gracefully embrace your bump and curves. 


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- Figure hugging dresses: If you are ready to embrace the bump all the way, then do it right. Go for tight dresses that hug your bump and rock it. You can easily layer your dress with a coat in the winter or a cover up in the summer for that elegant look. 


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2. Paring jeans with tops: 

With loose tops, we recommend to pair it with a perfect pair of skinny maternity jeans. Avoid pairing a loose top with loose pants as it will make you look a lot bigger than you actually are. For fitted tops, if you are able to wear them and feel comfortable, then by all means go for it. Pair your fitted top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, it will complete your look and make your bump look extra cute. 


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3. Monochrome outfits

- Don’t shy away from an all black outfit, an all white outfit or even all red. It will take the emphasis away from your bump and give you that sleek look the models seem to effortlessly rock. While wearing this look you’ll forget you even have a bump. 


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4. Heels! 

If you are still able to wear a pair of fabulous heels while you’re pregnant, by all means go for it. Just make sure it's safe for your back and baby. Here's how to safely wear heels during pregnancy. It will automatically take your outfit from casual to fabulous, and with your bump you are going to look extra fabulous, we promise. Pair your short dresses with knee high boots, and your long dresses with classic stilettos. Heels will give you a little bit of extra height making you look extra sexy with your bump.


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5. Belts

We know when you have a bump the last thing you want to do is add a belt to it. Normally we’d agree, but if you are still in the beginning if your pregnancy with that cute little bump, then by all means go for the belt. Our favorite look is adding a belt to your blazer.


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6. Skirts

Don't be afraid to go for the pencil skirt look or even a leather skit with loose or tight fitted top. The pencil skirt will fit perfectly around your bump, making it super easy to pair with anything else. 


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