Elie Saab never fails each time to have us gasping in awe at the beauty of his work. This year, he took it even further with the interesting theme "Of Forms and Light" at his show in Paris fashion week. He translated Barcelona's artfulness through the use of figure hugging and dramatic designs. His interpretation of light came through the use of reflective and shiny textures which added an even more artsy touch to the beautiful pieces on the runway. He also used a lot of ruffles around the chest and shoulder area.

If you're as enchanted by his designs as we are, we suggest watching this video to take a look at how the designs and fabrics flow and move on the runway. Then, scroll down to take a look at our some of our favorite looks from Elie Saab's F/W 2018 Haute Couture collection and save them for inspiration.

All Image Credits: Regis Colin Berthelier