Women love to wear sexy lingerie, and that's why we decided to roundup the 10 lingerie trends that will be major in 2017. From luxurious velvet bras to sultry lace bodysuits, and even more sexy lingerie trends, we'll bring you all the lingerie pieces you'll be seeing everywhere this year. Keep scrolling to discover the 10 lingerie trends you need to try in 2017. P.S. You won't regret this!

1. Velvet Lingerie

Velvet has been taking over the fashion world, and nowadays, velvet lingerie is also trending. To follow the sexy lingerie trends for 2017, try wearing a velvet bra or even a velvet robe!

2. Embroidered Lingerie

We've seen embroidered clothes everywhere the past season, and for 2017, get ready to see embroidered lingerie too. Need a new feminine lingerie piece? We totally recommend to go for the embroidered lingerie trend.

3. Slip Dresses

Women initially wore slip dresses as undergarments, however, slip dresses are becoming a major lingerie trend, that will replace sleep shirts and nightgowns.

4. Camisole Tops

Camisole tops are supposed to be an undergarment, but they're making their way as going-out tops! Follow this sexy lingerie trend, and wear your favorite camisole top with an over-sized sweater for a feminine winter style.

5. Blush Lingerie

Blush pink is such a soft and romantic color, and yes, blush pink lingerie is so trending for 2017.

6. Floral Appliques

In 2017, get ready to see bras, bralettes and even bodysuits that are all covered with pretty little floral appliques. Actually, this is one of our favorite sexy lingerie trends for 2017, because it's just so feminine.

7. White Lingerie

Women think that only brides should wear white lingerie, but they're mistaken big time! White lingerie is one of the hottest lingerie trends for 2017, and it's such a fresh take for a flirty look.

8. Strappy Bras

Strappy bras are literally everywhere in lingerie shops and boutiques. So, if there's one bra you need to buy in 2017, it should be a strappy bra.

9. Sports Bras

The athleisure trend has been dominating the fashion world for quite some time now, and that's why sports bra is one of the lingerie trends that will be major in 2017.

10. Bodysuits

If you want to invest in just one sexy lingerie piece in 2017, make it a bodysuit! Sexy bodysuits are a major lingerie trend this year, and they look so beautiful, specially in lace.