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| by Jasmine Kamal

Saqhoute: A Sustainable Egyptian Brand That I Need to Start Wearing

Nowadays there are a lot of fashion designers and trends changing everyday, but there's one thing that captures my attention the most. That thing is what I found with the Saqhoute Capsule 3.0 collection by Egyptian fashion designer Norhan El-Sakkout

For me, the first thing that caught my attention was the title of the collection...Capsule. Although this is the third collection launch from the brand under the same title, with a difference in numbering, I was intrigued my the name and wanted to dig deeper into the meaning behind a 'Capsule Collection'.


The name comes from the term 'Capsule Wardrobe', a term developed by Susie Faux, who owned London's most famous clothing store in the 70s. A Capsule Wardrobe is a wardrobe of essential pieces that are timeless classics, which need only a few simple additions to make great outfits. This is what Saqhoute highlighted on their Instagram. Their bio on Instagram reads "Timeless, sustainable, everyday womenswear from the heart of Cairo".

Also the brand emphasizes their aim to design pieces that a woman would consider essential and ones she can never get enough of. It is crucial for them to make pieces that are basic, simple, environmentally friendly, not limited to trends, time and inspired by the heart of Cairo. 

In their third collection, Capsule 3.0, Saqhoute was keen to use more environmentally friendly materials, incorporating more fabrics like linen, cotton and wool, which are also practical and easy to wear. They also styled one piece in three different ways, on its own, with a blazer, with a skirt or worn under a dress.


As for the Egyptian touch that pulled me in, let's start with the name to begin with. Saqhoute is also the name of a small village in Nubia. It is also a type of date! There's a lot of Egyptian influence in the embroidery and geometric shapes on the fabrics. The colors are modern muted chic tones of camel, emerald green and deep burgundy.  


For this collection Saqhoute collaborated for the first time with jewelry designer Farah Abdelhamid They combined both styles in one harmonious collection. 


I definitely think I'll be trying their collection because I really want essential pieces in my wardrobe that can be worn anytime and are more sustainable.

See more of their wonderful designs on their Instagram: @saqhoute and you can shop their collection here

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