A few shows ahead at New York Fashion Week and you can already tell mixing prints is crossing over to next Spring (2014 that is). Bahraini fashion label Noon By Noor makes it for the second time at New York Fashion Week and to be honest I couldn't be prouder! Noon By Noor's Spring/Summer 2014 collection is full of feminine pieces, from work to summer day outfits and jumpsuits to fancy gowns. The perfect mix of pastels and vibrant colors which fits almost every woman's style. What I didn't like as much was the way they mixed prints in some of the pieces, it kind of looked a bit odd, either too much was going on or it didn't bring up the beauty of each piece.

Trends spotted at the Noon By Noor Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

1. Mix of Prints

2. Popping Colors

3. Embroidery

4. Pastels

Best thing about the Noon By Noor Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

A feminine collection with the great colors spotted on the runway, think coral and orange!

Worst thing about it?

The pieces showcased weren't really connected to one another, a proper sequence was missing.

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