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| by Nada Allam

A Mash Up of Our Favorite Shows at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

Fashion lovers, can I have your attention please? Paris Fashion Week has finally begun, and you know what that means, don't you? It is time to do a little mash up of our favorite shows, spotted trends and fabulous looks at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015. Whether you are sitting front row, or streaming it online, every lady deserves a preview of what goes down in the beautiful city of fashion and art.


The Hermes Spring 2015 collection was quite diverse. I loved the array of colors that made its way down the runway, from off-whites and beiges, to navy blue and yellow. The collection had a very sophisticated side to it, with its silk buttoned up shirts, cardigans and loafers. I wasn't particularly fond of the simplicity of Hermes' Spring 2015 collection, however it seemed fitting as Christophe Lemaire's final collection for the company. My favorite look from the collection was the blush pink jumpsuit; it just looked so chic. Also the black gladiator sandals caught my attention, very elegant yet edgy. However the draped potato sack paired with the sandals was a big mistake. Though the look was trying to have a breezy vibe to it, making it seem like a woman would get dressed fast and effortlessly, the outcome was not appealing. If there is one thing to admire about the collection, it is the high-wasted shorts, the tunic like coat and the pleated skirt, those were the  three key pieces that were impressive and added flare to the looks. 

Miu Miu 

I just love it when a collection has a theme; which was the case for Miu Miu's Spring 2015 collection. To me the woman walking down the runway was a fashionable woman from the 60's. The woman who got dolled up, wearing eccentric shoes, colorful retro jackets, a ruffled top and a cute little tote bag. The colors in the Miu Miu Spring 2015 collection was like a breath of fresh air. Like it was welcoming the coming spring, and the sunglasses were a nice touch. I absolutely loved the high waisted skirts, and modernizing the look by pairing it with a crop top. As for the cropped printed pants, well that was just like watching Audrey Hepburn make her debut on the runway. The accessories throughout this collection was also beautiful, sometime a bag used to color block the outfit, while other times the matchy matchy style was just necessary. 

Louis Vuitton

Staring at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 show, only one word popped into my head; mundane. I felt like the whole vibe was dark, which gave me a sense that this was more of a winter collection instead. Where were the bright colorful ensembles and the luminous prints that grab anyone's attention? The majority of the collection was black and white, with leather and lace stockings making quite a few appearances. I am not saying the outfits were hideous, on the contrary the pieces were nice; but no reviewer likes to use the word 'nice' and Louis Vuitton in the same sentence. Personally, I loved the outfits with the unique prints, the cars, salt & pepper shakers etc…They reminded me of Marc Jacob's previous collections, fresh and extremely one of a kind. As for the rest of the pieces, sure the red leather dress was delightful, and the white lace dress was elegant, but what actually made the Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 collection, is the bags. The colors were amazing, pastel blue, emerald green, and the box like mini bags were fabulous. 


Valentino's Spring 2015 collection was the pinnacle of gracefulness. You can totally picture the models gliding down the runway, as the air flies through the ruffles and layered pieces, giving it such a glam photo shoot vibe. The detailing in Valentino's Spring 2015 collection was stupendous, some of the dresses looked so intricately lavish and rich, you can't help but lust after such a work of art. As for the more simple pieces in the show, white dresses and skirts never looked so vibrant with lace detailing and a hint of pastel colors added. The rainbow colored lace ensembles were so delicate, you just know that by next summer every single lady will be searching for a pastel lace dress to wear. I absolutely loved the frequent use of navy blue throughout this collection and clashing it with baby blue, brown and canary yellow prints, making what may same like a wintery color, into a must have for the upcoming spring. 


Never did a protest look so high-end! The Chanel Spring 2015 show was as creative as always, going for a theme embracing women and freedom of style was, simply put, genius. As for the clothes, I have to say I was not entirely impressed. I had to mentally take the outfits apart in my head to visually appreciate the pieces; for example the purple tweed skirt that hid behind the double faced printed jacket and colorful boots. Over, over-sized seems to really be trending. And if you are not Anna Dello Russo, you probably will face problems trying to recreate a runway look, or even sporting an oversized blazer from the Chanel Spring 2015 runway. However when beauty did appear, I bowed down in awe, as the metallic mosaic dresses walked the catwalk. Especially when paired with a Chanel belt and metallic gold shoes; trés chic! The LBD dress with short sleeves and mosaic detailing reminded me of the 1900s, the golden Coco Chanel days. 

Saint Laurent

The Saint Laurent Spring 2015 collection gave me the vibe that it took place in a cozy little jazz club. The ladies showed up, not just dressed in funky outfits, but portraying their alluring personality. For example, the menswear inspired blazer paired with leather shorts, a green top hat and a red scarf. Can it look more disco chic? Sequined tops, jackets, flirty colorful dresses and turbans made their way across the runway giving the party crowd a certain glam touch to it. All that was missing from the models was a long cigarette holder, occasionally being puffed to complete the ambiance. I have to say, I absolutely loved the shoes. Especially the metallic blue heels spotted on Cara Delevingne, they were a favorite of mine. The mix and matching of the prints, colors, and leather was extremely artistic; Hedi Silmane you did well! However, there was one downfall to the Saint Laurent Spring 2015 show; the fur! Spring doesn't really scream out fur pieces of clothing, especially when it is only worn around one arm. 

Stella McCartney 

I must say, I was actually quite disappointed with Stella McCartney's Spring 2015 collection. It appears she was trying to go for the effortless laid back ensembles; however, they came out looking too simplistic, which in this case was not complimentary. The belt buckles serving as dress straps and the cut out pieces were not that pleasant as they made their way across the runway. On the other hand, I did admire the layered printed dresses, especially the simple LBD's accessorized with statement necklaces. However the matching plaid silk pajama-like outfit was just uncalled for. While Stella was focusing on simplicity and comfort for the modern woman, the modern woman was bowing her head down in grief and looking for something a lot more spicy.


When an elegant ballerina decides to transform her style to fierce and edgy, she will look like something from the Givenchy Spring 2015 catwalk. The pairing of the black chiffon skirt, or the white lace layered one with black leather boots, can it be more punk rock? However, the reason I chose to reference the collection to a ballerina, is because of the refined pieces that were paired with the outfits. For example, the chic white fitted jacket with black leather detailing and a black ribbon. All in all, Givenchy's Spring 2015 collection, although very different from Riccardo Tisci's previous collections, was very original and fabulous.


Let us start by focusing on the LBD dress with a feathered poof, putting a groovy spin on the LBD. The Celine Spring 2015 show had a little bit of everything; what with the simple black and white pieces, the floral ensembles, and the canary yellow. Seeing the floral pieces on the runway was like experiencing another side of Celine, and I must say I am loving it. A perfect outfit for an upcoming spring. 

Isabel Marant 

Isabel Marant's Spring 2015 collection is for the girl with funky style who's not afraid to take risks. Who said leather can't be worn in spring? Because Isabel Marant makes the leather pleated skirts and dresses seem like a must have for next summer. Attention must be served to the sandals that worked perfectly with each and every outfit. Ruffles also made an appearance on the runway in mini dresses and skirts, along with over sized sweaters and mid thigh shorts. The collection in my opinion is perfect for the petite lady, because petite is always ultra chic. 


Staring at the Dior collection, I was filled with mixed feelings. Unable to come up with the words to describe the odd pieces that walked the runway. The egg shaped skirts, the dresses that looked like night gowns, and the knee high socks just gave off a mismatched ambiance. The one thing I would applaud Raf Simons about would be his coats. The colors, the fit, the flow, they looked extremely elegant and chic. 

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Vanity is the one word I can think of to describe Lanvin's Spring 2015 collection. You just can't help but lust at the ensembles. I love how Alber Elbaz stuck to the Lanvin identity when revealing this collection; the elegant and chic, but with a Lanvin twist. Whether it was with a bag, necklace, or even just detailing on the side of the dress, no piece was just ordinary. Some of my favorite looks were the navy blue harem styled pants, with the white double edged jacket and pearl necklace, and the orange layered maxi dress, color blocked with the blue clutch. They were just fabulous.

Nina Ricci

Looking through the Nina Ricci Spring 2015 collection, I imagined the professional woman with fabulous style making her way to her desk in the office. Or the gorgeous CEO hosting an event for an upcoming product. With well fitted blazers and skirts and delicate chiffon tops, formal looks never looked so chic. As for switching from a night to day look, Nina Ricci's Spring 2015 gowns were ultra feminine for the posh ladylike woman within you. You can either go for for an elegant dress with beautiful embellishments or a simple dress with lace detailing. 


The models walked the runway for the Balmain Spring 2015 show to a Michael Jackson soundtrack. You can only imagine the theme that took over the show. Primary colors, along with black and white, prevailed the catwalk. The jaw dropping moments where as follows: the glittery red, yellow and blue pencil skirt with the white silk top, and the striped pencil skirt, with a wide black belt and matching crop top. Don't even get me started on the statement jackets, whether it was the yellow and navy blue over sized blazer or the white jacket with the double edge collar. The geometric designs were very avant grade, however it seems that it will become a staple style this coming spring. 


Before watching the Balenciaga Spring 2015 show, I started thinking about the kind of theme that we'll be seeing, will it be edgy or simplistic? But after some long thought I came up with my conclusion, and I am glad to report that I was actually on the right track. Balenciaga's Spring 2015 show had a whole futuristic vibe happening. The rhombus dominated the catwalk, making it into most of the outfits one way or another. Being that this was his second show, Alexander Wang came out with a bang; whether it was his long black sleeveless coats, the white off-the-shoulder tops with the rumpled up sleeves, or geometric beaded pockets on the shorts. I particularly liked how the whole collection had such an elegant touch to it, reminded me of the days of Cristóbal Balenciaga. I think it is only a matter of days till we see Kim Kardashain wearing one of the pieces from Balenciaga's Spring 2015 collection. I predict the rose see through dress with the long off white coat. What do you think?

Christine Phung

Christine Phung's Spring 2015 collection is for the woman with a flair for fashionable dresses. The beauty of the collection lies in its simplicity, with fabulous LBDs, LWDs, etc. Christine Phung's Spring 2015 collection embraces the style of Diane Kruger, eloquent and chic, even if she is sporting a crop top and matching skirt. I specifically like the look with the over-sized white top and red and blue polka dot skirt. So chic, yet setting up a professional vibe. If I had to describe this collection in just one word, I would call it an ideal collection with such an elegant touch to it.

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Pascal Millet

Pascal Millet's Spring 2015 collection gives an entire new take on what it means to wear the floral print. I am in love with his blue and red floral print on the jumpsuit and dresses, giving off a Spanish vibe. In addition to so, I particularly liked his use of the chiffon fabric. Whether it was used to create a sheer buttoned up top, or to add a little sexy edge to his black dresses.

Christophe Gulliarmé

Where to begin with Christophe Gulliarmé's Spring 2015 collection? It is one of those collections where you just can't help but love every single item that walked the runway. It is a collection for the fabulous girly girl that loves to wear flashy colors, yet never looks over the top. In fact mastering pure elegance. There is something in Christophe Gulliarmé's Spring 2015 collection for every lady out there. Ranging from a canary yellow A-Line dress, to off-white sequined dresses, and glamorous pink chiffon gowns. If I had to pick a favorite piece from the show, I would pick the short white and pink poof dress, it's such a refined dress with an artistic design. 

Guy Laroche

Sexy and sleek are the two words that came to mind when I saw Guy Laroche's Spring 2015 Collection. The funny thing is, that these two words aren't really used together, but Guy Laroche Spring 2015 collection pulled it off. The collection is aimed for the modern woman, who can put a spin on something classic, as seen with the navy blue dungarees and the oversized blazers. Moving on to the high-waisted figure hugging pants and skirts, which were a mix between canary yellow and navy blue, a pair of colors that rocked the runway in my opinion. As for the long dresses with the squiggly stripes and patterns, well they will just serve as the perfect summer dress. A spin was put on the classic LBD, and most of his simple cocktail dresses really, with a camouflage pattern made from colored pieces of Plexiglas.

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