When Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson take over the finale of Valentino's Fall 2015 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, you know it's the fashion show everyone will be talking about for days!

Moving on to the Valentino Fall 2015 collection, which was full of sophisticated day-wear, for the woman who likes to reveal her feminine side. I must say, I excepted more colors to show up at Valentino's Fall 2015 fashion show, however, the monochrome looks were pretty sharp and edgy on their own.

If there's one thing I admired about the Valentino Fall 2015 show at Paris Fashion Week, it would be the folk patterned dresses, along with the coats, that were covered with patches of colorful lace. Also the tailoring of the ruffled dresses, fur coats and maxi dresses was simply astonishing.

Again, there is literally nothing better than having the Zoolander stars finish off a runway show. What an unexpected surprise finale at Valentino's Fall 2015 fashion show.